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Anneke and Adam

Anneke and Adam – two old friends I have written very little about, especially on this blog. Two friends from different times in my life. Adam was the name of the boy I mentioned to illicit the first strike from Wyatt when I was 14 or so. We remained pen pals even after I moved away – inconsistent, but enough contact to remain friends even into my senior year. I met Anneke when I was 16 and she became one of my best friends through graduation. I’m still in touch with her on a sporadic basis – I wish it were more consistent. But hey – work, kids, different countries… and she’s not on facebook. It makes it hard.

I haven’t been in touch with Adam for several years at this point – I don’t recall exactly how long – ever since his email address I had stopped working sometime after college. It appears he is not on facebook either. I vaguely recall him being there for awhile, but eventually he deactivated it and I deleted his name off of my friends list.

I just sent a message to his brother requesting contact info because I would love to catch up with Adam. Wish me luck on that. In the mean time I will post a post or two regarding memories to do with him so to make him more than a vague character, a name only, in my stories.

I’ve written a couple memories of Anneke (you can read them here and here; and about her brother here), but I was jolted back into Anneke-memory land on Sunday when I had a chat with one of my friends while our kids played.

She was asking me about my writing and mentioned she loved my second book, but hadn’t yet read my first. I told her the second is better, in my opinion, as the first was written with my kids in mind and while it is mostly in order of events – there are a handful of shoot off chapters and topics to have an all encompassing history for my kids. It wasn’t initially written with a separate audience in mind. (I’ve had several compliments on the first book, but I like the flow and focus of the second much better personally.)

Anyway, she also is writing some novels, but she focuses her attention on fiction. She made a comment that she kept such consistent journals when she was younger that she will just give those to her kids if they want to read about her life.

I told her I was never very good at keeping written journals – I did some writing, some pasting of collages or documenting quotes, but not consistent actual journaling. However; Anneke and I would keep journals together.

I explained to her that Anneke and I would take turns picking out hardback journal books – we had different tastes so we compromised that way – and then we would write to each other in these journals. When we first started we were in almost every class together so the journal would swap hands at the beginning of each class and we would take turns writing about our own personal dramas and responding to the others’ all through that class before handing it over. After the first semester I switched study-lines and we would hand it over in the halls as we passed each other between classes – however often we were able to arrange it (usually at least a couple of times a day if not more.)

When the journals filled up, we took turns as to who got to keep each journal. We worked it out that the person that chose the journal would keep that particular one.

By the time we graduated 3 years later, we had 4 or 5 journals each. These would have been a perfect snapshot of my teen years to be able to show my kids someday… if mine hadn’t have been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. After that storm, Anneke called me from Holland to check on me – and offered to split hers and send me half. I told her I couldn’t take them from her. They were her fair share and what if something happened to them again? She’d just have to keep them… and maybe one day… eventually… we will see each other again and get to reminisce over them.

I also lost/damaged a lot of my pictures and my yearbooks in that damn storm…. and my gorgeous personal journals that were hard backed fabric watercolor covers… Sigh.


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