#FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony

You know me; I don’t refer much to current events. I don’t prefer to invite possible conflicts of opinions into my page. I don’t mind healthy debates, but hey – this is the internets and who knows who might come along and disagree in a nasty fashion… anyway, that all being said.

Ke$ha you guise.

It makes me very uncomfortable the perception that girls are no doubt getting from this debacle. That even if you’re Ke$ha, a talented business woman and singer/songwriter, and you yell rape – you will not be supported by the judge or your company.

So then, what’s the point?

Some people are saying that Sony is not making her work directly with the perpetrator anymore, so that makes it reasonable to force her to stay in her contract and make a further 6 albums…. Multiple more years.

So yay, right? No longer one-on-one work being done with a producer she’s uncomfortable with. Yet… He still works there. He still works around her. He still has access to the premises.

From what I understand, the producer actually runs the label Kemosabe which is a sub-contractor of Sony… and that is the label she works for. So even if she works with a different producer one-on-one this guy has the power over her contract and music production regardless.

Working with a different producer will do nothing in regards to the power he will wield over her and her career or if her work will even be promoted by the company in the future.

She will still have to see him regularly. He also now knows that she called him out in public as a sexual abuser, emotional abuser, and a rapist. How then can we be sure he wouldn’t find a way to get her alone again and retaliate? She is still going to feel fear for years to come as she works for Kemosabe/Sony, regardless of retaliation. How is this not a hostile work environment?

My feeling is that if she feels so strongly about this that she would risk being sued for breach of contract, that she would risk money and reputation by stopping work and pushing this issue in court – there has to be something to this. The fact is that she feels uncomfortable enough with this man that she has literally been giving up her livelihood to get away from him.

But Sony demands she stay.

They obviously don’t care about her wellbeing more than her money making ability. Honestly, though, I don’t know what we expect – they are acting the stereotypical music exec that we all know from TV.

Yet, we should expect that everyone, no matter their business or contracts, be able to work in an environment that is safe and non-hostile.

We should expect that companies that hold so much sway over our young people’s minds display these values and make it known that it is not acceptable to try to force young women to putting up with abusers .

Godammit, Sony, either you want her or you want that producer. If you want to keep him – fine, whatever – you need to then allow her out of her contract without a fight. However; if she is of such value to your business that you feel you cannot let her go, then get rid of the one person that makes her unable to work in a safe environment.

It is already hard enough to show girls the worth of reporting their rapists. There is already a stigma attached to the very business of rape allegations. There are already plenty of cases that have no proof and the rapists walk free. There are already plenty of arrogant pricks that are not jailed and are free to torment their victims – flaunt their freedom – after the fact.

So why are we allowing this to happen to Ke$ha in front of the entire world? Why are we letting girls who have been raped – or may be raped or sexually abused in the future – see that rapists get away with no consequences, even if you are an influential public figure?

So there was no proof in court to send him to jail. There’s not much we can do about that. Obviously the burden of proof is an important one when it comes to criminal cases and sentences that would affect the rest of someone’s life… But just because the court could not find him guilty, it doesn’t mean that Sony should be allowing the perception to come out to the world that Ke$ha’s word means nothing to them; that her safety and wellbeing mean nothing to them.

Either he loses his job or even gets transferred to another country? – come ON, Sony is a huge company – (if that is possible/would help from Ke$ha’s perspective), OR they allow her to move on from her contract because they cannot provide a working environment that makes her feel safe.

Luckily the court battle is not over. It will be a long hard battle for her, I am sure, but at this point – the court hearing that caused this uproar was simply about allowing her to make music independently while the rest of the battle is had out in court/pending any settlement. She was denied to do so – which really sucks – but at least she still has a fighting chance…. And let’s be honest. From where I’m standing, it appears that she has almost the whole world on her side.

2 thoughts on “#FreeKesha: Kesha Vs Sony”

  1. The wonderful thing about our justice system is that it allows for that inth of a percentage to assume all are innocent until proven guilty. Sadly, it also means that many many guilty get to roam the streets having found that loophole that wasn’t built for them.
    In the same breath, the same could be said for contracts. They are there to protect both parties.
    In this case, if you removed all emotions from the situation and looked at it solely on a judicial level, you would see the judge pretty much made the only decision he could.
    On an emotional level, and assuming 100% that the rape allegations are true, I agree wholeheartedly with this post. But — the judge has no basis on the rape, because this man has not been charged, or convicted with a crime. He is also suppose to rule with his head, not his heart. .
    Sony has agreed that Kesha will not have to work with Dr. Luke. Again take away the rape charge, and they’ve fulfilled their end of all obligations. Sadly without any basis or proof on the rape or abuse, this is just a young star who wants our of her contract.
    The last thing to consider is that minute IF — what IF she made everything up? Imagine everything that would be stripped from a man who worked so hard to get this girl where she is.
    Do I believe that is the case? No, I believe something happened between them. But our legal system doesn’t work on intuition and gut feelings. The court has to protect both sides, and unfortunately people are not seeing this.
    It’s a sad situation no matter how you spin it.


    1. That’s why I mentioned that there of course had to be burden of proof when it comes to criminal cases such as rape – otherwise it could ruin innocent people’s lives… Yet, even though “Sony has agreed that Kesha will not have to work with Dr Luke” – as I stated this man still runs the label her contract is under (Kemosabe) so even if they don’t work face to face daily, he will still have control over the management of her. Also, as I pointed out, the case hasn’t even been settled yet – it is still going to be battled in court, the only thing that was decided so far was against an injunction in which she wanted to be able to make music independently while the battle rages on. That really sucks for her, but I agree the judge in this particular injunction can’t really allow her to do such if it breaks the contract she has not yet settled issues with. That’s fine. However; my main point is the perception that Sony is allowing to permeate the internet now. If I were an exec on their board I would be thinking long and hard about if this battle was worth fighting for 6 albums that may or may not be effectively promoted, in order to keep a young woman under contract. Contracts can be dissolved. It is in Sony’s court now and with the public opinion and even the appearance of mishandling – they are going to take a hit from this; even if they do win the ultimate court battle.

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