Emily (Fiction)

She shut the bathroom door, hesitated, and then locked the door. Turning around, she leaned back against the door and slid to the floor. She lowered her head and clasped her knees. She held her breath in an attempt to ward off tears. Tears flowed regardless and she focused more on not making noise as she cried.

She heard him lean on the other side of the door. She sucked in a breath while he stood there silently for a moment. Then she heard him sigh and say her name.

“Emily… I…”

He hesitated and paused again. She was taking the time to calm her breathing and wipe her tears before she would have to answer. She got up carefully, flushed the toilet, and turned on the faucet to make him believe she had actually come in to use the facilities. While she was at it, she used some of the cool water to wipe her face.

“Emily?” He asked through the door. “Can you hear me?”

She took a deep breath and said “Yeah, yeah… I hear you… just give me a sec.”

Emily plastered a smile on her face and looked in the mirror. Not perfect, but at least her eyes weren’t too red.

One last deep breath and she reached for the door. He was leaning against the door frame with a guilty look on his face and his arms crossed. He looked up, “Emily… I’m so sorry. I was… I was frustrated…”

“Levi,” she cut him off. “I don’t want to talk about it right now… It’s just… You need to know… I… I’m not on birth control…”

“What?! How can you not be on birth control?”

She was annoyed at his tone and had a hard time concealing her annoyance in her response. Crossing her arms, she said “Well, Levi, my husband had a vasectomy. I had no need for further birth control before.”

His muscles tensed at the mention of her husband.

“Regardless, I’m going to have to go to the doctor and get some plan B or… or something.”

He sighed, stood up straight and put his hands on his hips. She noted his muscles once more and then scolded herself in her head. She couldn’t believe that she ever found him attractive. She couldn’t believe that she was even friends with him. How did this even happen? He was her best friend…. Had been for years. She still cared about him, but now… She was having such mixed feelings and she suddenly felt the tears well up, but she pushed them back down.

“Ok, I’ll get dressed and I’ll take you down to the urgent care.” He didn’t wait for a response before turning back down the hall towards his bedroom.

“You don’t have to do that… I can take myself.”

Waving her off he responded “Yes… I do.”

She hesitated, knowing she’d need to get the rest of her clothes as well, but didn’t want to follow him to the bedroom. She decided to actually use the bathroom this time, giving her a moment for him to finish and head down the stairs.

In the car they sat in silence. She tried not to look at him; keeping her gaze out the window. He cleared his throat and she glanced towards him. He looked tense still. Jaw clenching and intensely gazing at the road ahead of them.

Just as she turned her face back towards her window, he spoke.

“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?”

“Of course not, Levi.”

“Seriously?” He glanced at her briefly, trying to read her face in a split second before focusing back on the road.

“What the hell do you think? How can I tell anyone? Why would I? Why do you think I want the plan B?!” Her voice became more hysterical as the questions increased. “I want the plan B so that my husband doesn’t find out! Getting fucking pregnant when he’s had a vasectomy is a pretty big goddamn clue!”

Levi attempted to reach out a rub her on the shoulder as Emily turned her face away again, but she shrugged him away and the rode the last few minutes in silence again.

As they arrived at the urgent care center, Emily approached the receptionist and tried to mention quietly why she was there. “I need to get Plan B please…” Just as the words came out of her mouth, Levi approached and stood so close to her she could feel his shoulder against the back of hers. She stiffened and the receptionist squinted as she glanced back and forth between them.

Emily pasted on a smile. The receptionist asked her to fill out a form and take a seat.

While they waited, Emily tried to concentrate on a Seventeen magazine that was about six years old. She supposed that didn’t say much about the practice’s medical abilities, so she decided not to judge. Levi was sitting closer to her than she would like, so she crossed her legs and leaned away from him. He tried to hold her hand, but she slipped her hand out from under his to turn a page and didn’t lower her hand again.

She looked up and noticed the receptionist looking over at the curiously before turning back suddenly to face her computer screen.

“Emily Larsson!”

She looked up again as the nurse called her name from the door. She gestured at the nurse to wait as she gathered her purse and put the magazine down. She got up and Levi got up as well – following her closely to the door. The nurse let her pass and then stopped Levi in his tracks.

“Oh, it’s uh, Ok,” Emily said “…He’s with me.”

“Sorry, Hun, it’s policy.” The nurse stated.

Relieved, but trying not to show it, she decided not to argue with the nurse. Rather she attempted an assuring facial expression towards Levi.

Once they reached the treatment room, the nurse shut the door and glanced at her chart. “You’re looking to get some emergency contraceptive?” She looked up and noted Emily’s nod. “Is there anything else? Do you need to be tested for an STI?”

Emily looked startled, “Um… Uh… I don’t think so?”

“If you didn’t use any protection, you may want to do that,” the nurse stated. “First we’ll start with some basic history and get your vitals… When was your last period?”

“Oh, umm… a couple weeks ago… I think.”

“Last Pap Smear?”

“Ummm… I don’t remember? Four or Five years ago?”

The nurse looked up in her with surprise, “Are you prepared to have one today, that’s something you really should get done as soon as possible.”

Emily closed her legs and clenched her hands on her lap.

“Oh, uh… I dunno…” Emily felt like the nurse was judging her silently and wasn’t sure she could come up with a good enough excuse, she tuned out slightly as the nurse started to urge her to go ahead and get one done.

“Ok, ok… fine. Just make it quick.”

The nurse looked satisfied and finished up her questions and got Emily’s vitals, before leaving a gown and sheet for her to change.

The nurse stepped out and shut the door.

Emily slowly stripped off her pants and looked down at her legs. There were bruises in the shape of Levi’s fingers on her inner thighs.

“Fuck….” She whispered.

She made a fist and hit the examination table; letting a tear fall. “Fuck. How am I going to explain this?!”

Emily made the quick decision to put her clothes back on. She just came for Plan B. She’ll just have to tell them she didn’t have time right now after all.



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