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St Patrick’s day, 2016

I’ve mentioned before my hatred for St Patrick’s day and how I tend to get depressed this time of year, culminating on St Patrick’s day.

But this year feels different.

First of all, I kept just… forgetting that’s what today was. I also was in a pretty good mood – certainly didn’t hurt my mood that I went to do a First Aid Challenge (testing theory and performing scenarios and demonstrating CPR to re certify my First Aid certification without having to redo a full course)  and I passed like a boss! The trainer had intended that I would need to come over two days as we were squeezing it into my lunch breaks… it usually takes longer, but she said I was knocking it out of the park 🙂 Sweet!

Anyway, I feel like maybe all the outpouring of emotion and the simple working through and writing my stories surrounding these feelings has really helped. Last year I was depressed, but it was slightly less so than the year before. This year I had some teetering on the edge at the beginning of Lent season, but then I didn’t completely and utterly fall into the pit of despair.

Maybe it’s just coincidence… but… I really do think this writing project – books, blog – has helped me a lot personally.

Also, after I picked my daughter up this late afternoon, we were driving and saw a rainbow straight ahead. It was an odd rainbow… not arched. It was straight and low; coming straight out of a dark, dense, cloud and ending in a patch of sun drenched cloud. It was also much thicker than any rainbow I had seen before. I pointed it out to my daughter and thought How appropriate for St Patrick’s Day, 2016.

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