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Girl’s night

Last night I went to a friends house for a girl’s night… Wine, cigarettes, gossip. The usual. We got to talking about our types… one of us is single and and we needed to know if she might could be interested in other singles we knew…. or… more specifically, that I knew and wanted to point her towards.

We took to our phones to show each other pictures of our exes to illustrate our “types.” Justin would probably be pleased to know that the ladies thought he is hot. Haha.

But then I found Wyatt on Facebook and showed them his profile picture (as we are not friends, obviously.) And one of the ladies said “Huh. I can’t see you with him.”


“Yeah, he just doesn’t look like… he fits with you.”

“Well, he was the abusive ex…” I said as I ground a cigarette into the ashtray.

I thought for a second that that was interesting, that she would say that – given that most of my other exes don’t particularly look similar – they are mostly not cut from the same mold, especially nowadays (back in the day some of them dressed similarly at least, but have since changed their fashion choices.) So why would this one guy not fit?

She is my friend that has some psychic tendencies, so I wonder if she could just …tell there’s something wrong with him.

Less than 30 seconds later, the single girl held up her phone for us to see and said “This is my abusive ex.”

Startled at the revelation that she had one too – she seems so happy go lucky and a strong lady …the kind of girl that wouldn’t be with a complete asshole –  but then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise since so many of us have had similar experiences like this. Maybe it is  how old we are, the fact that it’s in our pasts, or the day and age we live in – but it makes it a lot easier to talk about such experiences to others now; in my opinion.

“Oh, he’s… not very attractive, is he?”

“He hasn’t aged well…”

Hell, Wyatt hasn’t aged well in my eyes either. We exchanged some stories, smoked a few more cigarettes out in the cool evening air. I thought that it was nice I have a couple friends again I could do this kind of thing with. It’s been awhile since I’ve had such people I could hang out regularly like this. I zoned out for a moment until I heard “More wine?”

“Oh,  yes please!”




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