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Friends are the family we choose

Of course I told Justin that the girls thought he was hot. What else was there for me to do in such a situation? He was concerned it wasn’t his “best showing” as he tends to put “goofy pics on facebook.”

Ah no, I tried to select good pics of you guys …The one where you’re at a table, sunglasses on and tattooed arm in the foreground. Certainly not what I’d call goofy.”

He thanked me for looking out for him; naturally I responded with “No worries. Got to keep up my own Rep too, hey? 😉


Anyway, in other news; one of my old friends has asked me to do some Artist Trading Cards with her. We attempted to start this project years ago and never actually got going with it. Basically, what you do is make small paintings/sketches on trading card size card stock – enough to trade off to the other artists in the group. Then you each send each other a card once you’re done. You also pick a theme to base your art of. Our theme this time is “Spring.”

I’m already almost done with six cards. Sketched them out, did the watercolor and ink…. to finish them off I have some parts that will be done in colored pencil as well. I’m excited; I’ve needed a reason to drop everything in favor of art for awhile.

My friend, I’ll call her Annie, is someone I knew when I lived in Tennessee. She lived with her sister and sister-in-law a couple miles away from my house. I worked with her sister-in-law, Mary, so that is how I met her. Mary and Annie both had military husbands at the time that were deployed.

Basically, when I wasn’t hanging out with Dane, I was hanging out at their house. Most often I ended up sitting on their couch, painting or sketching alongside Annie. Often talking books with Mary, or smoking on the porch with all three ladies. A place of refuge is what it was. I’ll have to write a story or two regarding them at some point.

After the David incident, I stopped hanging with Dane for a long while. I was at their house all the more often, and then these ladies all moved back out West where they were originally from. I had a difficult time finding such a friend/group of friends for a long while after that. People I could just hang with. People I could just be myself with; and get out of my own house with.

Part of that had to do with feelings of guilt stopping me from reaching out and trying to make new friends like that. I mean, I’d make friends here and there, but not to the level of hanging out most weekends and people that I felt I could be totally myself with.

I feel like I’ve finally found that again… after, what? 7 or 8 years? At the woman’s house I was at for girl’s night. I end up over there or out with her at least once a weekend most weekends. Half the time just chilling, smoking and/or watching TV.



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