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Women’s Self-Defense

As promised, I am here to tell you all how the women’s self-defense course went that I planned to go to this past Friday. Back in August, the course I went to was an introduction to the psychology of violence coupled with learning some moves that would be used at the beginning of an altercation to disable your opponent just enough to get away. The idea being to get away before they can get you to the ground – ground defense, etc being something taught in further courses. I was never able to take further classes as that instructor is based out of Melbourne and was only up here, in Alice Springs, as a guest for the church I was attending.

However; though it took over six months, I finally got the opportunity to take another self defense course when a local club, Perentie Jiu Jitsu, held a free course for local women. Obviously I jumped on the chance. They flew in a guest to teach the course, among other classes for the week – a Brazilian 2x world champion in Jiu Jitsu named Alejandro, who is currently based out of Texas.


As this was a jiu jitsu based class, I knew it would be different than my previous experience – though I’m not sure I entirely knew what I had in store for me. Mostly I was not expecting that “warm up” – which for a woefully out of shape woman such as myself was a full work out in itself… I really should have warmed up for that warm up. Literally, it is two days later and my abs are still trying to recover from all the various fast rep versions of sit ups we did/attempted. Basically, my whole body has been achy, but every other muscle just aches when I move them certain ways… My abs are in a constant state of ache …Oh Gawd.

Otherwise, learning some basic moves was very interesting and I worked up a sweat for those as well, definitely gained a full on work out that I wasn’t fully expecting.

One thing that was pretty cool was that one move we were supposed to practice was lifting someone over our hip (in order to throw them, but weren’t supposed to actually throw our partners 😉 ) The woman I was with was a lot shorter than me, so it made some of the moves more cumbersome. So my daughter’s Jiu Jitsu instructor, Daniel,  had me try the move on him – he is approximately my age and size; a lot closer to any other male based altercations I have ever dealt with in the past – and I actually lifted him off the ground! Woo! I felt akin to the Golden One aka Latsbrah:

Look at these muscles! “Fuah – look at that; do I look like a Lion? That is, uh, Glorious.”

I told my daughter and she wasn’t so sure she should believe me – though he told her the next morning at her class. Of course, what belief she had was thwarted when, that afternoon, I couldn’t open the pickle jar and had to call my husband to come do it. Whomp, whomp.

Anyway, Perenties offers Jiu Jitsu along with kick boxing, so I think I may sign up – I really need to get back in shape. I’ve let it go too many years now. So the plan is that I’m going to go check out a regular class on Tuesday… that is, if my abs have sufficiently recovered.

Now hold up a sec… I just need to go find my Tiger Balm and ibuprofin…


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