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Down and Out

You may or may not have noticed my absence from wordpress… it has only been about a week and I don’t always have something to post for a week at a time… sooo…

But I have been actually absent, as in not even able to come on and check my stats haha… I went to the Emergency Department late Monday evening for severe abdominal pain. So while the rest of my muscles were healing from that wicked workout on the Friday before, my abdominal pain was getting worse and by Monday morning I had decided to stay home from work thinking I had some Gastro issue after throwing up first thing in the AM.

By mid-day I was in severe pain so much so that I was sobbing, so my husband doped me up on muscle relaxer and panadine (Paracetamol/Tylenol and Codeine). I slept for awhile, but when I woke up I still hurt and knew I just didn’t feel right. So I took myself to the ED.

I walked up to the triage line at nearly 11PM. The nurse was talking to the person ahead of me when she stopped, looked around at me with a look of concern and said “Are you okay?!”

My voice broke as I responded “I’m having abdominal pain.”

She stood up and pointed towards the door, gesturing and saying that I should go directly into the triage area.

She took my vitals and took my information immediately and right away took me back to a stretcher for the doctor to see me. As soon as I got on to the stretcher, I screamed in pain and started crying again.

I had the sweet relief of morphine through my IV within 20 minutes of walking in the front door. It felt like a miracle.

***I’ll let you know now, the end result is that I was admitted to the hospital and had surgery this week… but I am still tired and in pain… so… to be continued.


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