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Thank the gods

I thought I remembered Viktor differently. I always remembered him as pretty cute; as most blond haired, blue eye Scandinavian boys were to me. But awhile ago we reconnected through Linkdin as he doesn’t have facebook or any other such account on a social media platform.

In the picture he used for that profile, he looks tired, hair mussed, and is sporting a 5 o’clock shadow along with what ever you call the male version of resting bitch face. Not his best showing. Not that it made him ugly – but it was disappointing to see him not as attractive as he had been in my mind’s eye.

That was awhile ago and we rarely communicate as neither of us use Linkdin much. So last night I decided to try sending him an email via gmail. Because of this, his google plus account connected and I saw an entirely different profile picture come up on his home page.

Oh my Goodness. He was fresh faced, smiling, and his eyes were bright. He was wearing a more fitted long sleeve shirt, rolled up to show his forearms. So much better a look for him than the boring ol’ shirt n’ tie he was wearing in the other picture. So much better – that’s how I remembered him.

I had a strange feeling, like “Phew, my [probably-non-existent] rep has been protected.” My first real sex partner really was actually attractive; I had doubted that memory after seeing the Linkdin profile.

It’s vain, it’s stupid, and not really worth blogging about… But here we are. I can’t help but be glad that Viktor, the first guy I voluntarily had a sex life with, the first guy I went “all the way” with still lives up to his Scandinavian heritage.

Thank the gods.


7 thoughts on “Thank the gods”

  1. the funny thing, I have looked up not everyone I had sex with (too many of them), but every significant woman from my past. A big love. Something that was intense or long-lasting. All but one of them had become older looking than their age, heavy and/or unattractive. Only the one woman who was hot then but broke my heart at 25 still looked fantastic. It was eye-opening that the rest of them. How our memories can be a tad shattered. But I was curious. Couldn’t help myself either.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! Excepting for obvious age differences, there are only two of mine who don’t really look as good to me anymore. Mostly style issues instead of weight or anything like that… I dunno… I know i look different to them as well, Im sure! But I think we all get curious about the past… Sometimes it can give us a sense of relief we didn’t end up with them… And other times it makes us sad we didn’t stick it out… Sigh…


      1. I was frankly stunned how old some of them looked for their age. I mean, REALLY old. Only the one was similar to what I remembered. A couple of them turned butt-ugly. I guess I dodged a bullet. LOL. but curiosity does get the best of us. One of them refused to respond to my very friendly, “hello” message — and blocked me!! ROFL. I don’t think I deserved that. She dumped me 36 years ago. haha

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      2. Well, alright then! Blocking seems a bit extreme to a hello message! Lol I’m not even saying every guy was really good looking in the first place… Most were at least attractive to me… But I can tell who has taken care of themselves and who hasn’t… That’s for sure


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