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HUAH! Look at these muscles!

I took my first actual jiu jitsu class last night – finally – my goodness, it wore me out. It was fun though and I know I need to stick with it. I really need to get fit again. I could barely do a sit up without having to grab my legs to pull myself up. To be fair, it’s not that I can’t pull my own weight forward, but the fact that my belly is in the way. Ugh.

Why did I have kids again?

Though my youngest is 4 ½ so I guess *technically* I can’t blame my belly fat on him anymore.



Anyway, I found out after the fact that the new gi (uniform) I had ordered – so that I would not have an excuse not to do it… or, rather, I would have to do it since I spend so much money – had apparently arrived at the post office that day… The day I didn’t have time to go check my box.

The gi I ordered… Hopefully it fits…(Black belt not included, of course 😉 )


So, the instructor gave me one of his to wear for the night. I think he thought it funny to make me wear big ole Smiley faces on my person. *squinting in Daniel’s general direction*

He was sneaky and flipped my hair up and took a picture when I wasn’t looking


Speaking of squinting – it’s hard to do the actual moves with my glasses on, but also hard to focus when moves are being shown. What a conundrum….

Sorry, I know I’m all over the place today.

It’s just… My biceps hurt… Lol. Good excuse for my non-existent focus right now, yeah?

Anyway, I enjoyed it, though it was tough moving my fat ass correctly. …And I may be pushing it, but I plan to go try their kickboxing class tonight and then there’s jiu jitsu again tomorrow. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get to the women’s only jiu jitsu/kickboxing class that they run on Saturdays. It’s probably good I can’t go this week, hey?

Just… Pray/Send good vibes/Whatevs… that I don’t do myself an injury. Please. LOL




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