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Oh, I’m gonna be sore tomorrow

I tell you what, that kick boxing class is no joke. I feel awesome though… except the aching muscles that I’m sure will be stiff and all the more achy in the AM. Just took some magnesium and had a bit of a soak so hopefully that will stave off the worst of it – I have Jiu Jitsu again tomorrow to make it through!

I have a hard time staying motivated to exercise sometimes – because of the exhaustion, the pain, or a million other reasons – but I really need to stop fucking around and focus. The thing is, I have gained so much weight since having children… and, no, I hear what you’re saying. I’m talking legit fat kilos, not the nice looking but heavier muscle kilos. My main issue is that I can lose weight relatively easily all over when I try, except for my abdomen. It just gets packed on there and won’t budge.

So I told the Jiu Jitsu instructor I will be depending on him to keep me accountable for staying motivated and just showing up. Showing up is half the battle with me, usually. Once I start, I’m good to go.

I also have posted a picture of myself from 2008 as my phone screen to remind me of my goals almost constantly.


The funny thing is that back then, when I was 25, I thought I was tubby. Up to that point that was the heaviest I had ever been… and this was also taken around the time, possibly shortly after, the David shenanigans. I literally thought I was not fit enough or that I was too fat to be attractive to David (and was actually a little confused as to why he’d be interested at all.)

To be fair, I had heard him call other girls fat that I thought were attractive… and he was Army Officer always going to the gym guy… but still. Now I envy my 25 year old self and wonder WTF I was thinking now that I have 33 year old me to compare it with.

I figured out awhile back that I wanted to ideally lose 60 or 65 kgs to get down to the mid range of recommended weight for my height – which also happens to be around the size I was with I was 19 or 20 and a bit after. Still smaller than the above picture… but if I can at least get to 2008 me… Well that would be wonderful.

Anyway, I’ve committed and I’ve started… Hey, also I know you all must have been on the edge of your seats after the last post… I can confirm my new gi came and it fits! yay! 😉 LOL

So, here we go. It’s gonna take me awhile… but I am determined to get fit, lose weight… and learn how to beat up boys 😉 Wish me luck.


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