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Just wanna squeeze him!

Leroy – remember Leroy? I think I took most of the posts about him down… maybe not all… but Leroy, Y’all. I just want to squeeze him you guise.

He finally broke up with the girl, after over a year of dating… of her treating him horribly etc etc. I won’t go way into the story right, but it was she who was the direct catalyst to him punching a brick wall and breaking his hand – requiring surgery. She messed with his head, she was entitled and treated him badly overall.

In truth, this was the third time they broke up – but the last couple of times it was for all of a couple of days before she wore him down and wormed her way back in. She was one that would scream at him for trying to break up, she would try to guilt trip him, she would threaten self harm/suicide… Whatever she could do in desperation to keep him. He’d give in and then she’d be nice-ish for while (nice in the way that she’d be better than before, but Leroy had gotten to a point he didn’t know how good he really could have it if he were with someone else…) before going back to old habits.She was toxic for him; and not good for his mental health.

Now it has been a good month or so since they broke up… and I am so so proud of him. He deserves so much better…. I wish he could have realized it much earlier than now… But now he has. I’m just so proud. I just want to squeeze him and pinch his cheeks! 😀


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