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Sansa, My Queen

I did pretty well keeping away from Game of Thrones Spoilers this week… I don’t have the appropriate channel package to allow me to watch it when it airs… so I usually see it anywhere from 2 days to a week late because my friend records it and graciously allows me to come over to watch it as our schedules allow. Today was that day. I just got to see “Battle of The Bastards.” OMG.

I won’t rehash it all – I’m sure blogs the world over have covered it enough this week… but as my longtime readers may be aware, I have a major heart for Sansa Stark. Sansa is my spirit animal… and my Queen. She and Daenerys are my favorites and this week… Oh,this week… Sansa proved herself strong and smart amongst the battle experienced men… She stood so tall this week, so elegant… and got to see her Bastard “husband” eaten alive by dogs.

Yes, thank the gods… the lord of light… who the fuck ever… Sansa got to see her abuser beaten by her half brother, and then killed by his own dogs.

She needn’t carry out the threat to kill herself over going back to Ramsey (OMG when she said that I told my friend I would quit watching then and there… I wouldn’t have been able to handle her committing suicide after everything she’s gone through to survive.)

Her journey and likely suffering haven’t ended yet, I am sure… but for now, Sansa has won. She has won her home back and she has won against her abuser. Two folds… Two men have abused her so far in this series and they are both dead – died in horrible ways right in front of her eyes.

Joffery was not at her own hand, and had not abused her as fully as Ramsey did… But she had the control this time. No doubt Jon Snow would have killed him or had him killed regardless, but I like to think he saved the end for her. He let her be the one to say her last piece before the ravenous dogs ventured out of their open cages to rip him to shreds in front of her.

I hope she felt some satisfaction. I hope she is on her way to finding a sense of peace and hopefully, eventually, finding the other remaining siblings.

Until then, or until she dies, Sansa will as ever remain my Queen.


4 thoughts on “Sansa, My Queen”

  1. Never been able to get into Game Of Thrones, although I haven’t tried the Tv series. I’ve tried reading the books a few times… the characters just come off as huge arseholes and it puts me off 😦 perhaps just too much drama and backstabbing for me. You certainly seem to like it though! You read the books?

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    1. I started to read the books, but I found them harder to follow… with the various characters’ stories and complex names I just couldn’t follow… with the show at least if I don’t remember a name, I’ll remember the face and not be so lost if they show up several episodes later 🙂 Eh, yeah there certainly are plenty of arsehole characters, but there are good ones too… such is life though, hey? But yes, I love the intrigue and drama… I can see how it would be too much for some, but I guess I’d rather watch the drama than be involved in it myself 😉

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