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The next year I changed

So get this, I’m not sure if I’ve previously made it clear on the blog that I live in a small town in Central Australia. I’ve been here a few years, but I also used to live here as a child.

When I moved back, there was a certain level of expectation that I would run into people I had known as a child. My BFF’s family from the time lives here again, I knew another old BFF still lived in town; as did a handful of other people I or my parents knew. There was a flurry of catching up with or running into people within the first several months when I moved back 3 1/2 years ago.

Old BFF Tisha yelled my name across the grocery store parking lot the very day I arrived back in town. A few days later I saw another old friend at the town pool – though I wasn’t so sure it was him and didn’t approach lest I embarrass myself… Only to find out a couple days later it really had been him.

The flurry tapered off, and while I had a couple other random incidents… The enrolment officer at my daughter’s school remembered me from when she worked at my old elementary school in the ’90s, I met up with my old elementary teacher and in the process found that I was working with his son… Who remembered eating Thanksgiving dinners at my house… another guy I worked with suddenly recognized me when I said something about living here before. He was older than me and remembered “looking out” for me when I was in 7th grade and he was in 11th.

But the last such incident happened a good year or more ago. Perhaps more like 18 months.

Until this weekend, that is.

I re-posted a picture memory on Facebook… It said I posted it 4 years ago, about the time I found out I was coming back.


That is me – sometime between 1992 and 1995… I honestly cannot remember for sure, and though I had labelled it 1995… it was probably a little earlier. But I digress.

With in a few hours time I had a message asking me if I used to live here…

What followed was a conversation that revealed that a current friend of mine – someone I had only met this year – had not only been in my class in elementary school, but also 7th grade. He also says we used to actually be friends and hang out (I’m trying really hard to remember… I did find a couple of pictures that had us both in it… and I’ve messaged one of my old BFFs to see if she’ll give me memory prompts… Lol Shhh… Don’t tell him or he’ll call me a snob again for not remembering him 😉 ) But I guess it all goes to show we were made to be friends, naturally lol.

We discussed other kids we knew, reminiscing etc etc … Those were good years. For a very long time I looked back on Central Australia as one of my favourite places to have lived. I was happy there. I was outgoing there. I had good friends and a good time.

The year after I left, that all changed. The next year I started to change as a person… The next year I fell into a relationship with a boy two years my senior and he changed me.

I fell in love with an abusive boy and I was never the same again.

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