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So get this… It’s finally come out. My husband said that we apparently received the new game “Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale” in the mail yesterday. This game was a kickstarter project that we backed and the original plan was for it to be released a few years ago, but production ended up taking a lot longer process than the creators realized it seems.

I haven’t played it yet, so I can’t give any specific recommendation… but Hubby and I… and the majority of our friends like the geek-style games, so hopefully it will live up to the hype.

The main cool thing about this game is that certain special edition cards were made for some of the investors in the game… and one of those cards is based off of my image.

When I first saw the image a couple years ago, I scoffed and said it didn’t look like me at all… but hey! Look! They got my boobs right! LOL



Then my husband showed me the image that he sent in… and I saw the resemblance… and my friends agreed Pocahontas totally was me. (Not the best picture of me… My excuse is that I was drunk.)



So now I guess we’ll have to arrange a game night to try this game out. I can’t play this alone with husband because he is much too vindictive towards… errr… competitive with me when we play games.

I now refuse to play Munchkin with him unless there are other people around, because then I at least stand the chance to, you know, actually play. The last time he focused in on trying to destroy me… Between me and the ladies we had enough to take him down a notch and for me to win! Woo! Haha…

Anyway. If you are into the geek lifestyle – which naturally means GAMES! YAY! – check this new game out. Hopefully it will be worth your while.


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