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Well Fit

I dunno why I haven’t thought to mention this to Justin before… Ha, he may have seen it on my FB… But I dunno that he gets on enough to notice every post I write… so who knows…

But Justin posted something about UFC yesterday and I thought “Huh, I don’t think I mentioned to him I’ve now started an MMA class in addition to kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu.” So when I told him he of course said it sounded cool.  …Conversation ongoing as I think he has probably fallen asleep by now – given that he lives on a different continent.

Justin is one of my fave dudes… and man is he “well fit.” (Haha, I love that phrase. I always say it in my head with a British accent.) When we dated he was very into watching Wrestling and UFC like stuff, and lifted weights for hours a day. Apparently later he had an injury and lost muscle tone etc from inactivity… But now he does martial arts of some form (from memory – I think it’s Karate) among whatever else is on his fitness regime and he has certainly gained his muscles back. Man, to be as fit as Justin… but, oh wait… no… I don’t want his man muscles haha. I’ll be happy with some nice slim female muscles.

First, the fat has to go. I’ve lost a few kilos already over the last few weeks so that is awesome… I’ve trained 4-5 times last week and plan on the same for this week. I can’t remember if I mentioned this previously – but I agreed with “coach” that I would aim to lose a minimum of 12 kg by end of year. Speaking of, I think Justin would like him. They have similar personalities and obviously have some similar interests. Come to think of it, I think they share a birthday month/year … so maybe there is something to that whole Zodiac thing… bahaha.

Nah, but Maja and I also share a birthday month/year and my god that girl annoys me sometimes (LOL Just teasing Gumman!) …And also Justin has been known not to like people I like, Haha… though if that would happen to be the case  I’m sure it’d definitely be nothing like the Jimmy debacle.

But regardless, here’s hoping I can get “well fit” myself and make Justin proud 🙂 I’ve known this boy since we were 16 and you know, he’s one of my best friends I’d say… The only reason I haven’t ever classed him as BFF is the fact we haven’t actually seen each other in so long… and given that we ended as an end of a relationship instead of BFFs just saying “bye” or whatever it didn’t seem natural to label him as such… However; given that he stated that if we had stayed together he thought we’d be married by now… well… that’s got to say something. So, considering that, maybe I’ll just call him “fave dude” from now on. Haha.

Hey Fave Dude. Watch me get fit and be proud 😛



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