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MMA and Dane

Oh God. After MMA class last night I feel like I should totally have Justin’s aforementioned muscles by now (See “Well Fit” if you don’t know what I’m referring to…)

The instructor… my goodness… Nice guy, but he’s definitely tougher than me! I got to a point where I almost threw up… But I didn’t… and, as my friend Klutzyhomemaker pointed out, I also didn’t die… sooo… HOOAH, BITCHES!

I came home and laid on the couch, muscles exhausted. Accidentally fell asleep there until husband woke me up at 2:20 AM or so to go to bed and actually set my alarm…

It was so hard to get up, but I made it to bed and at 6:30 when my alarm went off… Oh, it was so difficult to get out of that bed – for the aches, for the fear my muscles would give out and I’d just flop on the floor or something haha.

I didn’t even go as hard as everyone else. There were some things my body literally would not allow me to do. I guess, though, I can console myself with the fact that they all have been training a lot longer and harder than me anyway. Naturally I would be the weakling of the group.

Tonight I am going back for kickboxing. Here’s hoping I also don’t die tonight.

In other news – I don’t think I’ve complained recently about not getting to talk to Dane again for a while…. But I’ve been feeling like complaining. It had been months since a real proper talk – like a couple hour phone call as per what was usual… and since I had only been able to chat with him a couple minutes at a time a few times. Enough for me to determine he is in fact still alive and doing well enough – but each time I’ve caught him he has been with family and doesn’t have the capacity to really talk. Then I always say I’ll call him at a different agreed upon time and I literally forget. The time zone thing throws me off and as soon as I think I want to call him I’ll realize I missed the opportunity for an appropriate time window. Now my phone line is down anyway… sooo… Fuck.

But it’s always the way, just as I start to worry about him, or start to get annoyed that it’s been too long, he’ll reach out out of the blue. He’ll say just the right thing to ensure I’m not bothered. Whether it be sending me a link or a picture of something that made him think of me, or saying shit like “You should know your postcards hold a place of honour on my fridge,” or “We have to stick together; you and me, Rae” or something else remotely considerate.

My God, girls are so easy, hey? I don’t know why he has such trouble with other women. (Well, I DO know – I’ve seen exactly how those incidents have gone down LOL) But he knows how to play me just right. Maybe I’m just easy… Maybe we’ve just been BFFs for long enough he just knows me that well.

So today, out of the blue, he emailed me a nice long email. Updating me on everything and apologizing for being so unavailable lately.

Fuck, dude. That Boy…

He has me wrapped around his finger.


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