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The dude wasn’t friends with Females

In real life, when I tell my stories, I am never sure if I should use people’s real names… as is natural… or their pseudonyms from the blog/books. I’m not always sure who has really followed the stories as a whole and would get confused by the use of real names or who haven’t read about certain people at all and I have no need to make that connection for them.

Most often I start with the fake name, if I know someone has read my stuff… and then feel the need to explain and switch over to make it easier on myself. In fact, when writing the last post, I almost published it with Dane’s real name out of habit… That wouldn’t have been good.

This evening a friend of mine asked me if Dane was [his real name] and I said yes. Then she said “So he was around when David happened? …What is David’s real name?” So I explained the true identity and how I came to the reasoning that David’s name was to be David (which I unfortunately I can’t explain here with out clearly outlining his name.)  Then we got into the discussion that outlined the issues I have pertaining to this…

In the moment I realized I fucked up and have probably already confused some people I know because I explained that in one post I wished I had slept with Jimmy back in the day and then on my personal FB I shared a one night stand regret list that I found funny and tagged some friends telling them I don’t regret Jimmy as much anymore after reading that.

Two different guys. One’s real name is Jimmy… the other is a fake name. My friend was confused too so I had to explain that too… The only reason I changed real Jimmy’s name is because in the first book I felt like I was supposed to change everyone’s name regardless. Jimmy was a one-line character. No need to have done it… and further when I wrote the story out I said “fuck it” and named his friends with their real names…. But since his was already different… Confused yet? Yeah.

Real Jimmy is the fucker that gave me Chlamydia… The muscular dude that fell asleep on top of me. The one that Patrik arranged me for. The highlight of my young life. That… That right there was sarcasm, FYI.

Fake Jimmy can be explained well enough if you search him on this blog 😛

Ha, I actually came on here to write further about Dane and that ended up being a longer explanation than I planned… so to circle back… My friend asked me about Dane and if he was the dude I talk about in real life by said omitted name.

I thought about him some more on my way home and I had a memory pop into my head. It’s been a long time since we decided we were to be BFFs.. Years ago… late 2006… we were hanging out – I don’t remember exactly what we were doing – when he said to me that it was strange, us hanging out so much. I asked why, because it felt natural to me. He said it was strange because he wasn’t “friends with females” …The last word dripping with disdain.

Dane can be a real cocky bastard sometimes. He can be chauvinistic and somewhat misogynistic – though he has gotten much better than the old days… (Why do I always get drawn to the cocky guys?? LOL)

I must have given him a look when he emphasized “females” that way – though I don’t know that he noticed. He then went on to explain that he actually had fun with me and he felt comfortable with me.

I don’t recall who said it – but the conclusion from the conversation was we were obviously “OMG Best Friends FOREVVVEEERRR.” (Come to think of it that was probably me 😉  LOL ) and from then on we’d say that to each other (haha usually it was him as I recall) at some point every time we’d get together… and it just stuck.

Who knew that BFF boy and I would stick together this long? I mean… The dude wasn’t friends with females after all…

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