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Maja, älskling

I was certain I was going to take a break from blogging for a few days at least… Maybe a week… I’ve written quite a lot recently, and I don’t want to burn out and write non-quality stuff… and to be honest, I’m not entirely pleased with my last post… meh. Could have been better. I’d otherwise work on the book… except I have been waiting on my editor to finish going through it so it would be silly to work any further on that until it’s done.

So I was planning on taking a break… Until Maja commented on my FB page that she obviously deserves a blog post written about her due to her dedication to our friendship over the years. So here you go, Maja, darling. This is for you.

She posted this picture on Instagram and I shared it on my FB… This is a picture of a letter I sent her in June of 2003 that she has kept and recently came across…


That’s right friends, in 2003 I sent Maja some musical panties – red white and blue – right after I arrived back in the US. I sent them because I thought she’d laugh, first of all… Second of all, she had a thing for lovely or sexy underwear. I suppose musical yankee doodle doesn’t fit either of those qualities… But panties were of an interest to her. Let’s just say that.

I sent them also, because 6 months prior I had brought her a nice Victoria’s Secret thong back from the US… and her Aunt… Uncles Wife… or “Bat-Shit Crazy Lady” as we call her… threw it away.

Not because it was a thong or anything like that. That was the norm. We wore thongs everyday. So many Swedish teen girls did. They were comfy; they were the norm. This BSCL expected her to wash her underthings every day. Maja apparently skipped a day or two and had a small handful of unwashed items in a pile in her room. BSCL had a fit and threw all of her panties away.

I was angry because A) Who the FUCK throws away good Victoria’s Secret items??!! and B) Who the FUCK did she think she was treating Maja that way??!!

I could tell even then that she was crazy, but I didn’t really know how bad it really was living with that woman for Maja until many years later.

But lets not go down that path today. The good news is that Maja didn’t let her musical panties get thrown away. Not only that, she has kept my silly little letter that came with them for 13 years… What a “dedicated” BFF, hey? 😉

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