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Woefully Tattoo-less/Rock Tape

Screw it. I write when I relax and I might have even a little idea of something to write… And today I had an early day off of work and extra time on my hands without children.

My day started off a little iffy… I discovered when I got to work that I had put my panties on backwards this morning… I mean… I didn’t have my usual coffee… and once I realized this, the horrible wedgie that had occurred made so much sense HAHA

Though this made me question whether or not I had the ability to adult for the day, after I adjusted myself as necessary the day only got better.

We had a short work day – Three hours of actual work, got my stuff done, and then the whole department went out for a picnic lunch and a team building afternoon at the park. It was frigid with the wind (Australia…Winter), but we had our coffee and we had jokes. It was a good time.

Afterwards I went and did a bit of shopping for myself… because… I can and payday was yesterday 🙂

One thing I went to get was some more Rock Tape – sports tape – because I got some with the sugar skull design a few weeks ago and I was hoping they’d have more. I had bought the last two of that design at the time and since I am such a nice person I gave one roll up to a fellow Jiu Jitsu/MMA girl that admired it. LOL

rock tape

Isn’t it a cool design?? 🙂 I love sugar skulls… My cigarette case, my lighter holder, my ashtray… my key chain… all reflects this love. Obviously I saw this and thought “Yay! It matches me!” haha… Also, considering many of the others at the gym have tattoos… and I am still currently woefully tattoo-less (I have had some planned for years now, but my husband won’t allow me to until we’re in the US… Hopefully I’ll get one at the end of the year. I’ll write more about that later.) and skull tape is probably the closest I can be to a tattoo design on my person… hahahaha


Anyway, my right ankle has been hurting all week… I’ve twisted this ankle at least three times in my life and the pain flares up usually when it’s cold or sometimes when it’s is especially stormy. It’s been cold in Alice this week, as I said.

I didn’t want to waste/use up my sugar skull tape so I went to see if they had gotten more – they hadn’t and they’ll be ordering me some, but it likely will take a couple of weeks to arrive… So I got a couple other designs to avoid the wasting of the skulls.



The pharmacist had no idea what sport tape even was, so I gave him a brief lesson on it and showed him how you use the sample packs; he was impressed… Haha, I feel so smart… Though I’m positive there are others that would have been much more knowledgeable on the subject.

I’ve been thinking about doing a sports medicine class with my youth at St John actually… use of sports tapes etc anyway… as that is something the volunteers do on duty sometimes. Especially during the Finke Desert Race (a huge annual motor sport around these parts) But I need to find someone who is more knowledgeable to teach a whole lesson for sure.

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