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Woefully Tattooless Reprise

Yesterday I mentioned that I am “woefully tattooless” and I would explain more about my tattoo aspirations.

I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was a teenager, but it took me a long time to really decide on something I would want permanently on my person. Besides which, when I was 19 and dating my husband I spoke of my wish to get a tattoo – before I even saw that he had some – and he told me he didn’t want me to get any. He showed me one of his tattoos – a pornographic image that takes up his entire upper arm… A woman dressed in only thigh high boots and a snake wrapped around her seductively… Each with their tongues extended towards each other – he got it while drunk on shore leave in Spain. He regretted getting it… though I don’t think it was the image itself he regretted; rather the size. He planned for it to be smaller. The bottom part cannot be covered when he wears short sleeves.

On his other bicep was a vintage looking topless mermaid with anchor. Stereotypical just-out-of-Navy-bootcamp tattoo, that one.

He also told me about how he had successfully kept the more offensive tattoo from his mother for a time… until she caught him walking from the bathroom to his brother’s room after a shower one day when he was visiting. She yelled at him that no one would want to marry him with something like that on his body. (Guess he proved her wrong… and though it never offended me, I also forget it’s there half the time… part of the scenery now, haha.)

He stated that he thought I might regret getting a tattoo, but in truth I think it was he that preferred me tattooless… as we got more serious/got married he would appear more annoyed at the idea if I brought it up. So I haven’t gotten one, though I’ve had a couple in mind for several years now. I think I’m set on them as I have not changed my mind for quite awhile.

So I mentioned it to my husband again recently. He has mellowed to the idea and stated that he in fact was planning some more for himself. He can’t very well say no to me now. His main objection was that he would prefer me not to do it in town… He’s seen tattoos done at the local place and they are of varying quality and apparently much more expensive than we would pay anywhere else. So he wants me to wait till we go back to the US – more options, less expensive… Though a new place apparently opened in town just after we had that conversation…

The only other thing though, is that he objected to the location of the first one I want… I want one on the front side of my shoulder. Same placement as Svea’s first tattoo that I went with her for when we were 18 or 19. Mine would be a different design of course. Jason stated that I wasn’t allowed to tattoo my boobs (I wouldn’t want to anyway), and that the front shoulder is too close to that area… it would ruin the visual effect of my boobs. Srsly.

The first tattoo that I want to get would semi match two of my sister’s tattoos. They both begged me and my other sister to get matching tattoos with them on our ankles. I’m not much for matching tattoos… and my other sister laughed and said “What makes you think I’d do that? If I get it, it’ll be on my ass instead!” So the two got their tattoos… matching but different styles. The three crowns of Sweden is what they got – both different versions of the crowns.

I have since found a style of the three crowns that I actually really like and I would put that on my body, however; I will still refuse it to be on the same body part. I refuse to be that matchy-matchy.

I’d want these styled crowns…. Without the “SWEDEN.”

Later… or at the same time should it prove cheap enough, I also want heart beat lines with my children’s names in… Like, one line with be the QRS complex/P wave then daughter’s name in cursive, and then the next line would be opposite – son’s name then QRS/P. Though I have no idea where I’d want that just yet. I kind of like forearm placements, but I also am not sure that would be as easy to cover up when need arises.

So we’ll see. Hopefully after nearly 20 years I’ll finally get a tattoo. Watch this space come December 😉

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