The blood of my enemies

Hey guise, just two things I wanted to share with you real quick:

1. Check out this new blog an old friend started today:

So far just one post, but looks to be good; especially if you enjoy poetry. Check her out! 🙂

And 2. OMG you guise. I just ordered an awesome pair of MMA gloves. I’m so excited 😛

On Tuesday at MMA I was punching a bag bare-knuckled when coach commented I could use gloves. I said something about how maybe I feel like a badass without gloves. He laughed and said something about he could see me after a fight licking the blood off of my knuckles, and made a gesture to that effect…. Haha. Then. This evening. I found these:


I showed them to another MMA chick I train with and we are both ordering some ( FYI). Because… Awesome 😀



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