Telling our stories

…I just wrote this whole fucking thing out and hit publish… only to have WordPress delete all of my text in the process. Awesome. Let’s try this again, shall we?

Do any of you remember when I wrote about how I think girls should tell their stories? Their stories in respect to the various behaviors that we have all experienced coming from men that can be scary, though the men may not believe they are intimidating. They may believe they have a right, they may believe that they are genuinely nice guys and perhaps think it’s a misunderstanding if we react contrary to the expectation they have due to their supposed likability.

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced similar incidents such as I have described here previously. I suppose I fell into a false sense of security. My assumption that because I have gotten older and, in my opinion, less attractive was that I was no longer as liable to attract this kind of behavior from men.

But last night I experienced something that I hadn’t had in a long time.

I was sitting in my car in the dark with a friend when a truck full of guys slowly drove through the parking lot.They shone their brights on us as they came around the bend, the they briefly stopped behind my car.

One guy said “Is that her?”

Another answered in the affirmative before one of them yelled “Slut!” as they sped off.

I can only assume it was mistaken identity, though I think the back of my car is pretty distinctive…. We were the only other people around so it was clearly directed at us. With the specific insult and the clear indication that they were looking for someone in particular – even if it was mistaken identity, it was clearly directed at some other poor female.

I wouldn’t know her history. I wouldn’t know if her behavior would have even remotely warranted the title “slut.” But what I do know is this: no matter what, she wouldn’t have deserved to be hunted in the dark by a bunch of dicks that wanted to make sure she knew what they apparently thought of her.

I supposed it’s a blessing I copped it instead of her… Though if last night was any indication; I would imagine it wouldn’t be the last of the abuse she’ll get from those asswipes.

So I bet they thought they were funny. I bet they thought it was all a big joke, and should I (or the female it was likely directed at) had reacted it would have been us that didn’t have a sense of humor… They thought they were funny, but… brah, shit like that will never not be scary.


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