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Those Little Shits

Okay, ya’ll. I’m pulling out the twang – watch out – I’m pissed.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned before the issues we have in town in which there are youth that will throw rocks at vehicles – in particular I may have mentioned the throwing of rocks at our ambulance officers.

It’s a big problem here and it appears to be worse around about school holidays… which it is here at the moment. Last week I heard of a guy that had a rock go through his windshield and hit his face. My friend’s daughter nearly had an accident when her car was hit with a rock. These are not isolated incidents. If I’ve mentioned it before, I would have mentioned that ambulances get attacked in the middle of helping people and we have had vehicles that have had to come out of service for repairs because of smashed windows etc more than once.

Then. THEN… there’s this shit:

Remember Vollie-Dan? My boy that went to Darwin with me last year? While he is still a volunteer as well, he now also works for the Ambulance station as a paid PTS (EMT) officer.

On his way home from work the other night, some little shits threw a rock at him while he was driving his motorcycle. This rock hit his glove with enough force that it broke his hand. Thank god he didn’t full on crash his motorcycle.



My boy has been through enough this past year without having to end up in the emergency room again.



Anyway, we have national commercials here that run about how Ambulance Officers can’t fight for your friends and family’s lives if they are fighting for their own lives (more to attacks than just rock throwing unfortunately), as well as local commercials specifically to do about rock throwing and how it can cause serious injury and death.

Obviously these public service announcements are not working.

Something more serious needs to happen to these little shits. Though it can happen all year, we all see the pattern of worse youth behaviour during school holiday times… more than just rock throwing….

I just don’t understand how our town has had this problem for so long now and that the powers that be have not figured out a solution yet.


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