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A Kick in The Gut

I was scrolling through tumblr for the first time in months when I came across this on the Unsent Project page I follow:


I don’t think I’ve mentioned the unsent project before on here – it is where people send in text messages they wish the could send to old lovers, primarily, and the artist who set it up uses them in collage installations or something like that… There’s a template and the author writes the text as above and chooses their color. …and there are literally thousands on the website by now.

Many wax poetic, many are not written in a way that draws my attention too closely… and yet some are just a kick in the gut… As above. This person used the name I use on this blog for that boy… and the content seems so topical as it’s true. I try not to write about him or TO him anymore, but I still find myself wanting to write about him anyway. I still find myself caring and thinking about him once in awhile.

I’ve collected a few others over the past months – since around early February – that have jumped out at me. Some I relate entirely to, and some just made me feel their feelings.

Check them out, maybe you’ll feel something too… and if you haven’t yet, go check out the Unsent Project page. Scroll through when you have awhile… or add one of your own and maybe yours will kick me in the gut next….


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