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Fight Like a F**cking Viking!

My God, I’ve spent too much money this week. I received my tax return last week and while I put most of it away, I did set aside a certain amount as spending money. I wanted to clean out my closets and get some new clothes – especially workout clothes as I have been spending an inordinate amount of time at the gym lately. … And… AND my leggings were actually falling off during kickboxing on Wednesday.

So I justified my need to spend money… I’ve ordered leggings from Lularoe (I’m a Lularoe virgin, but my friends all swear by them) along with a couple work friendly items – supposedly this clothing line has a lot of give and works to fit a range of sizes so that I could (hopefully) continue to lose weight / change body shape and they will still last me. Crossing fingers this is so! … Unfortunately with the buy off the rack way of doing things with Lularoe it’s not easy enough for me to find images of exactly what I bought to share with you.

I also ordered some clothes from Thinkgeek… because OMG how could I say no to Streetfighter leggings? Haha. Would have gone well with the “Kick Like a Girl” shirt I ordered from amazon… except it seems that one item had to be cancelled for some reason. Boo. Oh well, at least my blue Bad Girl hand wraps that I got to go with my bloody MMA gloves should match well enough Hahaha…

Street Fighter Ladies Leggings – Thinkgeek.com


I also bought a fuchsia “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Bitches” hoodie, and a few other shirts that would do well for working out… as well as an extra rash guard because when I am at the gym 5+ times a week I don’t have time to wash my 4 rash guards by the weekend. This one is Nordic inspired… because Damn it, the Viking Blood runs through my veins! Hahaha.

Imma fight like a fucking Viking! Fuah!

So far, shopping therapy, obviously, and beating myself up a bit on the gym mats has proved at least a little bit helpful to improve my mood over the past week. That was nearly undone by having my daughter have five friends sleepover over the weekend… but… I survived that too… See? I told you… Viking.

Anyway, here is some of the other fun stuff I got and where I got them in case you are interested:

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’ve gotto get to the gym here soon… I’ve gotto get my son to Jiu Jitsu and then later get some kickboxing done and hopefully make them ancestors proud 😉

Odin äger er alla!


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