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War Wounds

After training today, the girls present sat in a circle on the mat as we stretched and chatted. I showed them a sizeable bruise on my knee that I had earned the Saturday before that still had some dark indigo emanating from it… Something I had tried to take pictures of to show a couple of them over the internet earlier in the week… but the color had hardly shown up…. My pale pale skin bleaches out pictures a lot of the time lol.

We talked a bit about bruises we earned – I like to call mine “War Wounds” – since we started training Jiu Jitsu, etc… I haven’t been at it as long and haven’t earned as many. So far I’ve earned finger marks on my bicep, several small bruises under my arms (they seem to multiply), some scrapes on my feet from kickboxing… as well as a handful of minor injuries that have left no marks.

You may wonder why I utilize the word “earn”… Really, for me, they symbolize the fact that I tried and trained as hard as I could that day. I’m still failing and getting pulverized on the mats – but really, it’s my choice to be pulverized now. It’s my choice to show up and let myself get thrown around while I learn.

The bruise conversation segued quickly to a couple ladies mentioning women they’d met fairly recently who had just been bashed by their partners; bruises fresh. A discussion was had about what to do when you meet women like this, what you say to them, and the wish to bring them along to training themselves.

Fact is, most of the women at our club have come simply because coach decided one day to hold a free women’s self defense seminar. Many, if not all (I don’t know everyone’s stories), had the experience that warranted the need to learn how to defend oneself in the past.

The lady that ran the class said something to the effect of when you get in such a situation – street fight or domestic fight –  the fact remains that you will receive injuries. You will earn bruises. Your nose might bleed or your bones might break… But what matters is you fight back. What matters is that you don’t cower and that they receive injuries as well… and ultimately what matters most is you get away.

Take him down, bitches.

So ladies, here’s the deal: repeat after me…. “If I’m going down, that fucker’s coming down with me!”

Good. Now go out and earn your own war wounds this week. I dare you 😉



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