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Hanging with the boys

Ha. Coach read my last post and made a comment to me about having made the right decision to have a woman take over running the female-only class – because he can’t /doesn’t want to be involved with girl talk.

LOL I told him if he needs to cover the class another time I promised we wouldn’t talk maxi pads with him hahaha… Though I don’t think the conversation I wrote about was so specifically “girl talk”… I suppose I can see what he was saying though. It’s good to feel free to have that kind of conversation that perhaps all women wouldn’t be cool with discussing around men.

He made some other off-hand comment too about he being sure it’s a similar feeling when we (the women) are the only female among all the guys as happens occasionally. (Regardless we are just about always most definitely outnumbered in the mixed classes.)

…I dunno about all that though.

I guess I can’t speak for the other ladies, but for me I actually quite enjoy hanging with the boys. Always have really. I mean, I like my girly shit too and I can’t always legitimately be involved fully in the guy talk… But that also doesn’t mean it offends me or makes me uncomfortable in any way.

I wouldn’t have made it very far in TN with the party boys had I been scandalized by their shenanigans which… I probably shouldn’t describe here haha… Let’s just say they seemed to forget sometimes that I was not only female, but a “civilian female.”

Ha, that just prompted a memory of a guy named Doug turning around, seeing me, and apologizing saying he forgot there was a civilian female in attendance… That, in fact, he forgot I was civilian sometimes since I was there with them (all Army Officers) so often…

I laughed. “It’s okay, dude. I’m used to it by now.”

I also wouldn’t have gotten very far with Dane as far as becoming BFFs – since he wasn’t in the habit of being friends with “females.”

Now, Dane won’t talk maxi pads with me. Fair enough. But I feel like my ease with his man stuff has made him much more comfortable with my woman stuff as a whole – though that is just an assumption on my part; maybe that had nothing to do with it.

I don’t even feel like I tried to create such a relationship with him where we can talk about just about anything. It just seemed to happen one day. One phone call and he blurted something out – that I can’t mention here lest he shun me for life – that he wanted my input on. Personal man stuff that took me by surprise; what I did try at was hiding that surprise.

Be cool, Emma. Be cool.

I can’t remember if I just thought it or I actually said it out loud – but I clearly remember thinking “Oh, ok. We’re having this conversation now.”

Anyway, I guess the point of this post is – I may talk about beating up the boys sometimes, but while my intent to self-defend is strong, it’s also true that I really do like the boys. I want to be on par with them to some level. I want to be able to keep up with them. And on a certain level, I want certain men to be impressed with my ability to do so. I want certain ones to be proud of me.

This motivation drives me to work even harder – especially when the boys are around.


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