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Bad Girls wear Bad Boy

So who knew?

I’m sure a lot of people did… But I was oblivious. Not really that unusual for me I guess, haha.

But now that I have started in the various fighting sports I’m doing, I have needed to get various items of equipment and clothing to utilize day to day obviously. So I shop around, browsing the net trying to figure out what I like and what is best for my money, etc… I’ve come to see what the major brands are in fight wear.

A few weeks ago I ordered new gloves and hand wraps from Bad Boy  – the Bad Girl version though 😉 – after having discussed and gotten recommendations from other kickboxing girls. (Looks like it was good I ordered when I did, because the gloves are now no longer available according to amazon and the Bad Boy site.)


I thought at the time that the logo looked so familiar, but I hadn’t been able to place it… But last night as I came across some Bad Boy T-shirts on Amazon, I realized. Bad Boy was a brand that many of the “cool” High School boys I hung around with in Junior High wore… This would have been mid-90s.


Caps, shirts… Stickers on their skateboards.

No wonder I was drawn to the brand. Gosh. My cool skater boy boyfriend and his friends all had stuff from Bad Boy mixed in with their DC, Vans, and JNCO. I associated them with Skaters so I guess it was no wonder I didn’t place them immediately when I started to associate them with fight wear.

Ironic now that I would be utilizing this same brand for my fight wear, for my self-defence, that my abusive skater boy boyfriend and his friends used to wear.

That fact won’t stop me from using the brand. In my memory, most of those boys still ring as cool. The brand is long standing and recommended by at least some people that should know what they’re talking about… The memory of one boy who couldn’t keep his aggression off of the mats is not going to stop me from buying what I like.


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