Erratic Blogging Whims

I am so bad at this, gosh. Periodically I go back through and read old posts, making sure the posts/the site flow well… deciding if I want to make any older ones private… wasting time, whatever. Every time I do I find that I mention something that I say I will write about “next” or “later” …and then I never do. Today I noticed that I said I would write more about my surgery and the tactile hallucinations in April, and about the shenanigans from my friend’s birthday party back in May… This is just shortly after I finally wrote about the ’80s movie topic I had put off for a few months.

What can I say? Don’t believe me when I say I’ll write about something. Maybe I will eventually, maybe those that remember the promise would be pleasantly surprised. Otherwise, y’all will hopefully just put up with my erratic blogging whims.

And don’t worry… I *promise* I’ll write a more quality post later today… … … 😉


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