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This is a Strange Sensation

Huh. My nose is numb… and my lips… aaaand my fingers. This is a strange sensation, I think to myself.

I stumble slightly as I set down my glass of Vodka on the coffee table and decide to take a seat on the couch. I just need to sit for a moment, I think… No, lay down.

I glance briefly outside where I see one of the girls showing off her fire performance skills. I consider for a split second getting up and going to watch, then think No… I just need to sit or something… for just a minute.

Richard comes and sits next to me for a moment. “Hey,” he says.

“My face is numb,” I say.

He laughs and says I’ve had a lot to drink.

Yeah, yeah… I realize that now. I open and close my hands in front of his face, trying to bring back some sensation. “My hands are numb too.”

He laughs again and pats me on the back. “You’ll be alright,” he says as he gets up to leave because he hears someone call him from across the room.

Suddenly I just know. It’s a thought process, not so much a feeling as it would have been had I been sober. My head tells me I need to hurl, though the nausea has not hit me yet.

I push myself up and walk steadily straight for the bathroom. I wait patiently for a moment until it is vacated; go inside and lock the door. Lowering myself to the floor, I sit cross legged in front of the toilet. I place my still numb hands in my lap and stare at it for a moment, considering whether I really want to puke. I mean… Who wants to puke? I don’t feel nauseated per se… it’s just… an urge.

Suddenly, an impulse had me over the toilet and I am puking though I hadn’t yet decided if I really wanted to. I’m holding my own hair away from my face, I get it all out then grab for a tissue to wipe my face. I notice then that the sensation is returning to my extremities.

There’s a knock at the door as Amanda or Frida’s voice – I can’t be sure – asks if I’m okay.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I call out. “I’ll be out in a minute.”

I sit for just a few more seconds, making sure I have no more need to be there, thinking Well, now I know how much I can drink before I puke.

**This has been a memory from when I was 17 or 18. As an FYI to y’all… I started drinking at 16… I wasn’t a complete lightweight 😉 Haha… Also, please note that this was in Sweden and drinking at age 16 is common, socially acceptable, and legal – though you can’t buy for yourself until you are 18.**

ETA: Svea debates the “legality” of drinking under 18 in Sweden… What I meant by this is that as opposed to places like the US, no one will get arrested for under 18 drinking or providing alcohol to minors. Basically, in my experience, the attitude is that if the parent is okay with it, then it’s acceptable. Generally, in my experience, 16 is a standard accepted age.

However; 18 is the official legal age to buy any liquor for yourself by the glass in establishments and lower percentage alcohols as available in grocery stores; 20 is the age you can buy full bottles of any liquor from the State-run liquor store “Systembolaget.”

****The Mooore Yooou Knoooow**** LOL

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