“Psycho Girlfriends” and Abusive Relationships.

This, you guys. This. A Must read.

Marina's Musings

Hello, Internet! Feels like forever, huh? Between theater and work, life has been exceptionally busy, and I just haven’t been particularly inspired to write lately, either. That is, until I stumbled across the Psycho Girlfriend page on Facebook (one of many, I’m sure) and realized it was time for a good old-fashioned rant.

For clarification, Psycho Girlfriend is a page dedicated to posting memes and image macros meant to be “relatable” to a certain demographic of young women whose behavior towards their boyfriends is said to be “psycho,” but also cute and ultimately caring. In reality, though, the behaviors described by these posts are controlling, jealous, and straight-up abusive. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.05.04 AMImage reads: “Babe all I did was like her pic” followed by a man holding up a sign reading “You can’t do that.”

Ladies, it’s not your job to police your boyfriend. He’s allowed…

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