Anywhoozle – a review of Amy Schumer’s book “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”

Good Morning, Lovelies.

I finished Amy Schumer’s book “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” last night, and Ariel Lynn has asked me to do an actual book review – so here we go!


Ms Schumer’s book is a collection of autobiographical essays that range from the expected humorous to challenging and at times poignant. She approaches her subject matter with raw honesty – keeping it real, as they say – but still utilising her famous sense of humour.

She speaks to her audience using common vernacular (such as at one point starting the next paragraph with “Anywhoozle” or other variations of “Anyways” and making side comments regarding what she had just stated) which causes the writing to come off as though she is in the room with you, telling you these stories to your face.

For me, this felt as though she could be one of your best friends, confiding in you about her personal life – her family, some of her boyfriends or sexual escapades. Though I am certain she probably hasn’t told the world everything through this book; she does matter-of-factly and humorously reveal quite a bit.

Her style changes occasionally, going from essay form, to lists, to word-for-word journal entries from her youth with foot notes from 2016. Though while the style changes periodically, it still flows well and doesn’t seem out of place at any time.

While I am in no way a Jewish girl from Manhattan who grew up from “New Money” to No Money, nor have ever lived in New York and worked my ass off to become a Comedian – I still found her account very relatable.

Ms Schumer, as expected if you have ever seen any of her stand up/her show, has a very straightforward way of telling it like it is. No holds barred, even if the subject matter may be considered as subversive in some circles (read: she talks about sex, guys.) …As a personal side note, the first time I saw her stand up (The “Mostly Sex Stuff” show from 2012) I not only laughed so hard I cried, but I thought to myself “Wow. I’m not the only one to find this funny anymore.” As a young teen, I made raunchy sex jokes a couple of times and was thoroughly shamed for them.

It wasn’t lady-like, it wasn’t Christian… I became self conscious that there was something wrong with me that I would find this stuff funny (who knows, maybe there is 😉 I honestly think it did have to do with the flippancy I had acquired about sex) and I felt a hard time letting loose or finding real friends I could be myself with after all that. So, to see *gasp* a woman on stage being blunt and hilarious about sex-stuff… Well, that made me feel so much better about myself… and honestly, I think it surprised my husband that I found her sooooo funny.

As expected, her book does contain some frank discussion about certain sexual escapades, however; that is not her main focus and her stand up material as such is not what this book is about. It is about her life as a whole. It is about a woman who has gone through a lot, but also stands for what she believes and loves her friends and family fiercely.

I appreciated how honest she was regarding the loss of her virginity – though she did not come right out and say the word (I don’t recall the use of the word anyway) – her boyfriend at the time had raped her. I appreciated the honesty she had with her audience as well as herself regarding the abusive relationship she endured in her late teens/early 20s. Utilizing one of her journal entries to point out she was trying to lie to herself at the time, though she was starting to realize how badly he treated her. Later, writing about the relationship as a whole, and letting the whole truth lay out on the page. I sincerely hope that was cathartic for her – to write it out and let it out – the way it had been when I wrote about my own abuse experiences for the first time.

I related not only to the dating abuse she relayed, but also to some of her coping mechanisms – flippancy and dissociation during and about sex (as I mentioned in my previous post), but I also related to her feelings about her body image, her specific experiences that resulted from simply being a female, and being an introvert. Several experiences being unique to her own life, yet still – the feelings and many of the characters encountered – are universal.

After I finished this book (it took me less than three days, you guys – would have been quicker if I hadn’t have had to leave the house a few times!) I re-watched Trainwreck with new appreciation – and could make more connections to the autobiographical material contained therein.

If you couldn’t tell by this point in my review: I’m going to tell you to buy this book. I really enjoyed it. Then again, I’ve always enjoyed Ms Schumer and her unique brand of humour… and now I have more to connect with than just a shared sense of humour regarding sex.


5 thoughts on “Anywhoozle – a review of Amy Schumer’s book “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo””

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out this review/recommendation for me! Everything you shared – the frank, brash style; the revelations about less-than-stellar sexual encounters (even if she doesn’t identify it as rape); the dating abuse; the various styles of writing – makes me want to read the book even more than your synopsis did in your last post.

    I’m gonna have to bump the “priority” on my Amazon wishlist. Thank you, again. 😀

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    1. you’re welcome 🙂 Yeah I don’t recall her using the word Rape, but the events and feelings she described definitely painted the picture. I actually found it kind of refreshing that she could describe it in such a way that you knew it was Rape without using the word repeatedly to relay her message. (If she did it would have been in passing after describing everything else, certainly wasn’t a noticeable calling “rape!” if that makes sense) Her way was a lot more descriptive and relayed the feelings so much better than someone simply stating “he raped me.” Anyway, I enjoyed it so much I may just reread it again in a couple of weeks – make sure I didn’t miss anything! lol

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