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FAME! (My embarrassment) will live forever!

I have a story to tell you, one that may make you laugh, but first let me preface with the reason this memory popped into my head.

I have become addicted to a clothing line called “Lularoe” which is an American brand that is sold via consultants and are not only very comfortable, but versatile in sizes as well as the way certain items can be worn. A big plus to these clothes is that there are so many unique patterns and limited numbers of each item are made with certain patterns in certain sizes, so it’s not as likely to find many other people with the exact same item as you.

The leggings they have are One-Size fits all for up to size 12/Tall and Curvy for the larger sizes (I wear TC), and they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn… They don’t look like they’ll stretch, but they really do without looking stretched… they are so “buttery” soft, and they stay put… no digging in at the waist or rolling down. Seriously you guys, check them out!

Most of my current Lularoe Collection (less the hat) -but honestly, I have more on the way…

So anyway, I was at my friend’s house last night that is also addicted to Lularoe and we were talking about what we had, what we wanted, etc… and got onto our phones to show each other items we liked on our respective consultant pages. We got to talking about how the skirts are supposed to double as strapless/tube dresses and tops as well, and I mentioned that I’ve been meaning to try it – as I am addicted to the pencil skirts called “cassies” – but am a little nervous about wearing a tube top again.


I told her the story about when I was in high school, I believe it was senior year, and I went to school feeling super cute in my knit tube top – it was red with aqua stripes along the top and bottom, giving it a sporty look, and an aqua “Fame” blazoned across the front.

It was soooo retro. This day, I wore it with my ripped jeans, my suede boots and, luckily, an old corduroy tan jacket that matched the boots.

I stood in the hall, speaking to my male History teacher about something for several minutes before walking outside to catch up with some friends.

When I got outside, a friend pointed out that my tube top had literally fallen completely below my bra. Luckily I was wearing a bra! I even remember which one it was – a strapless white one that had a tiny bow with a crystal hanging down between the girls.

How mortifying.

My friend last night asked incredulously “Your teacher didn’t say anything to you?”

“No… I hoped he hadn’t noticed since I did have the jacket on…”

“Oh, he noticed,” she said. “You probably made his day.”

“Well, if he did I suppose he was too polite or embarrassed to mention it.” …either that or he mentally sighed/rolled his eyes at the thought of youth and our fashion choices.

I wonder if he still remembers this day, or if it has long been lost amongst hundreds of thousands of interactions with other students.

I, however, will remember the embarrassment forever.


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