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Trial By Fire

I was inadequately prepared, my stamina that had been increasing a couple months ago had started decreasing again over the past month with the inability to train as much due to schedules. Coupled with sickness earlier in the week… all goddamn excuses, I know.

But needless to say, BJJ training today was rough on me.

We did what is called a “shark tank” – something I had seen before, but not actively participated in. Basically you have one person on the mat for a designated amount of time and every minute a new person jumps in to attack (while the previous person goes away, so still only rolling with one person at a time.) Even if someone taps out, you reset and continue to go through the round until time is up.

Coach asked me if I wanted to be in the Shark Tank.

“Ummm… I dunno if I’ll survive that…”

“Hey, I’m just giving you the option…I know you want too,” he said.


So towards the end, he asked again and prompted me to give it a try.

Our rounds today were six minutes… I made it three… if that. My god, I felt like I was gonna die.

To be fair, though, while my body was getting pretty beat up in general (mystery boob bruise I just discovered??) The last guy had me tapping twice simply so I could catch a breath and tell him I couldn’t breathe.

At the end of that minute I got back up on my knees and was heaving for air; my lungs hurting so bad. I wasn’t going to complain though – I wanted to attempt to make it through the six minutes like everyone else, even if it meant I’d have failed miserably otherwise.

Coach, however; stepped in and said it was enough – calling someone else in for their turn. Can’t say I minded, yet still… I felt like the class weakling again as I went to suck some water and collapse on the side of the mat to watch the remaining events.

By the time I got home, and my breathing returned to normal, I noticed the aches in my diaphragm and pain in my lower back/hip area. I stretched and rolled it out as best I could… and it’s feeling a bit better… But, my god, I feel beat up today. That was a rough one.

Then again… the silver lining is that I trained today, and though I didn’t do as well as the others overall – I can still say I trained hard. Maybe I don’t feel all that bad after all.





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