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STFU and Train

Had a couple good conversations yesterday – one with one of my youth girls and one with Coach… so this one is maybe a little long. Enjoy.


“You got Chlamydia? I didn’t see that coming…”

This was the first comment one of my youth girls had yesterday after finishing my book. She picked it up on Friday night, and five days later she was finished.

Claire, who told me last night she wants me to write about her on my blog because she is awesome, took me aback as usually when people read my book they have different passages that jumped out at them. Specific boys usually jump to the forefront, not the Chlamydia. I suppose some people just don’t find the fact I had an STI surprising.

“Yes, Claire, that’s why last year when you and Tan had some assignment about STIs I told you I could easily assist you if you needed help, Haha.”

We had a good chat, and I’m pleased to note that she has a much more open relationship with her mother and plans to involve her when it comes to decisions that will affect her sexual health.

I didn’t have such a relationship with my parents. While I can’t blame all of my decisions on this lack of ease talking to my parents, I do feel that possibly I wouldn’t have made as many likely dangerous decisions regarding men if I did have these conversations first.

Let’s be honest though, some of these decisions were made on the fly and I might not have even been able to have particular conversations first.

Luckily I lived in a progressive country, so while my parents were of the religious sort that insisted on sexual purity etc etc, I had plenty of access to sexual education and resources that assisted me in navigating the waters on my own – and doing so relatively safely; warped sense of self notwithstanding.

Let’s face it man-that-gave-me-chlamydia (Timmy) and I did actually use protection, though he protested initially and it failed. The main dangerous issue was the situation itself that I put myself in. WTF was I thinking? Haha, well… I know what I was thinking… I’ve written about it before. Still.

Still, I hope I can be as open and honest with my kids when they get older and vice versa. They’ll still make their own decisions and very likely their own mistakes… But maybe they’ll be able to avoid the really dangerous situations. Maybe. Hopefully.


In other news, I had a nice little chat with Coach last night too. He at one point threatened me with another Shark Tank because I said he was often a “special case” haha… and then later we talked about Saturday. I told him I had felt like I was gonna die…

“But did you die?”

“No, just nearly.”

“Nearly isn’t good enough. If we didn’t have to resus you, you didn’t train hard enough. STFU and train,” or something to that effect is what he told me.


He is so mean to me. I swear I will start writing all this stuff down and do a “Dan is mean to me” blog post one day, LOL. (Yes, yes… his name is Dan too. Not to be confused with ex-Dan or Vollie-Dan, that’s why I usually just refer to him as “Coach” here.)

Anyway, he then told me in in all seriousness that his actions speak louder than words, because he let me stop.

“I appreciate that, but it also just ended up making me feel like the class weakling again,” I said.

He scolded me, saying I know they are not like that. He then told me it actually looked serious, that’s why he stepped in. He would have otherwise made me do the whole 6 minutes if he thought I was faking or something.

He said I should know he is always looking out for me – because he doesn’t want me to be murdered, haha, or alternately get injured and/or give up. He said he even chose the last guy (that was the one that cut off my air flow) because he assumed he would go easier on me; little did he know that this guy would try to “kill” me. He also noted that at least I know now that at this point I could put up a struggle against an attacker for a good 3 minutes at least – which is nearly 3 minutes more than I could do when I started a few months ago.

Well, this conversation made me feel a little better. Honestly, it’s comforting to know that my pain was obvious. Makes me feel like less of a whiner, I guess, and maybe – just maybe – I might be tough enough to eventually hold my own against these guys.

Anyway, though Coach can be so SO mean sometimes; I do think he is a really good one…. and I really don’t mind when he makes fun of me. I actually find him very amusing.

Shhhh… Don’t tell him I said that. He might end up even cockier than he already is, Haha.

This isn’t everyone, just those from last night. I’m in purple. Coach is the one that looks like a “special case” in blue in the front 😂



4 thoughts on “STFU and Train”

      1. I pushed it out of my head until I actually started trying to have kids. I worried because it took 6 years to get pregnant… when I finally went to get checked out the doc said I wasn’t infertile because of my chlamydia. I wish I’d have checked that out in the beginning to have saved myself that worry

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