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Ripping Jeans

I went in search of jeans the other day. I suppose I didn’t really look all that hard, but I came across a pair that fit me just right and was relatively cheap. Sounds like a match made in Heaven, no?

The catch was that they were *gasp* pre-ripped. 

It seems odd to be snobbish over something so silly and inconsequential as rips in jeans… But… I’ve just always felt rips should be natural. Factory rips don’t appear to be real wear and tear – especially when every other young person in town has the same rips in the same places. I used to be so snobby about things like music and movies not being like the books etc… I’ve let go of all that as I got older… but pre-ripped jeans man… I just can’t even…

It also didn’t help that these jeans were skinny ankled and also folded up at the bottom. Who really looks good in rolled up skinny ankle jeans? Ugh.

These are almost exactly the same – but not quite – the rips are in different places.

I did see potential in them at least, and there were super comfortable and cheap enough, so I bought them to adjust to my own liking. Though I had to swallow my pride regarding pre-rips and self made rips as I would be needing to deal with that a bit to help wipe the pre-rip slate a little cleaner.

It’s been forever since I wore ripped jeans…. I used to simply adore the ones I had as a teen… Eventually I gained weight and could only find jeans that weren’t flattering at all on me (read: Mom Jeans) so honestly I haven’t worn jeans in general really for a few years.

Now I have found some that, though they don’t have completely my own rips to start, they do remind me of my favorite jeans I had as a teen. The same shade of denim, super comfy, and ripped at the knees. I’ve adjusted the ankles to suit me, and tore out the ridiculous white threading that was holding the knee holes together, and weakened up certain areas so natural rips will occur more quickly. At least I won’t look exactly the same as every other chick that shops at Kmart…

I do still miss my old favorite jeans… I used to feel so cute in them. They started as brand new, not scuffed or ripped in the least. They were boot cuts which were not only necessary for the amount of time I spent wearing them with my suede boots, but also the most flattering to my figure. I wore them for about a year before they started ripping on their own. All within a few days I had both knees rip out similar to these ones now, a couple smaller rips around the front of my thighs, and one larger rip: seam-to-seam directly under my right buttock.

(Various photos of me in those jeans, unfortunately could only find one where they are ripped, and I have a skirt over – because that was a legit fashion back then – so you don’t get to see my ass today. LOL I did have more pics in them ripped – but they are in storage I believe.)


By then I loved my jeans even more than I had before. Damn, I wish I still had those… and while I’m at it, I might as well wish I could still fit into those things.

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