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Pippi o Bamse; Teaching my Children Swedish

Ok, it’s time to get serious.

I have always said I would teach my children Swedish from a young age. At least passable elementary Swedish and then when they get older they would hopefully decide to continue their studies in it.

I have not taken it very seriously – by that I mean I have bought them Swedish children’s CDs and downloaded a couple kindle books for them and periodically taught them some words and short phrases… but not worked too hard at it. I also had Bamse cartoons and Pippi shows on my hard drive for them – which crashed and I no longer have :/

They do have an interest though, and now my family and I are planning on going to Sweden to visit sometime next year – yay! I get to stay with Maja for a part of that trip!

Now, while Maja’s daughter – who is my son’s age (5) – speaks perfect English, I want my kids to be able to converse in simple terms with her in Swedish as well as have an understanding of what is going on in their surroundings when we go.

I have been so slack about this… I started a bit when my daughter (7) was a baby – saying things to her babyself in Swedish, etc with full intent to keep going as she got older… but it was the easy route to revert to English stuff and the efforts petered out. Now my daughter can only say a few words here and there – and forgets them half the time anyway.

So now, I am going to make a plan to do/teach them Swedish stuff at least weekly. As such I have just gotten them a bunch of books… Well… a couple of these I had on my kindle previously… buuuut….

Along with a few other books we have at home (Pippi collection, Narnia Collection  Brothers Lionheart, Maja’s green things, and a couple other children’s books all in Swedish…) and on the kindle… do you think this is enough?? LOL

Anyway, wish me luck I can keep the determination and the patience… I already have a problem remembering to help my daughter with her English homework…

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