A Spring/Summer Bucket List

I’ve been following Rosie over at Hookup Culture and she published her bucket lists for Summer and now Fall…. At the end of Summer she published an updated list with several things marked off as done.

I’ve found this inspiring – I often say I am going to do something and it either takes a loooong time to get around to it, or I simply forget about it. Perhaps if I write my own list with a deadline I’ll actually follow through. That is, if I don’t promptly forget about the list πŸ˜‰ I’ll put a draft of the list in my blog drafts to keep up with… Maybe that will work πŸ˜›

Anyway, so here we go – my Spring and Summer Bucket list (catch up, I’m in Australia and it is Spring now πŸ˜‰ ). I’ll put my deadline as my birthday as it is approximately a week into Term 1 of the school year which starts at the end of Summer… (February 2017.)


1.Master a BJJ Sweep

Let me clarify. I’m decent at sweeps when we are practicing and going step by step with a partner. The issue is I never remember what I am supposed to do while actually grappling. I want to be able to successfully pull one off while in the thick of it.

2. Lose 12-20 Kgs

I promised coach I would lose 12 kgs by end of year and then my next goal would be to lose a further 10 and so on until I reach my goal weight… I have fluctuated up and down within 5 kg range since making that deal… I don’t think I’ll make the 12 kg goal by end of year 😦 If I lose at least that much by February I’ll be pleased.

Also, to note I also want to build more muscle mass, so if I can at least tell I’ve built more muscle and become leaner in general – the scale number can be somewhat flexible.

3. Finish my rewrite and get it back on the market

Enough said.

4. Take my kids to Disney World and Harry Potter World! Yaay!

Scheduled for December πŸ™‚

5. Read 5 new books

In their entirety – my main caveat is that I am often reading up to 5 books at a time and they either never get finished or take forever to finish. Every now and then I find books I can finish within a few days… and then those books I read repeatedly. Suggestions for something that will grab me that quickly?? πŸ˜‰

At the moment I am only reading Bra Boy, a Katherine Hepburn biography, and I have ordered “Slummy Mummy” on Maja’s recommendation (she thinks I’ll relate to the character)…

6. Curb my shopping habits

Seriously. I’ve spent so much money lately.

7. Clean out and declutter my entire house

Simple living baby! Especially the kid’s rooms need this treatment – no mercy!

8. Finally sit down with Gino for a couple guitar lessons

I am such a slacker…

9. Extend in my job, hopefully on a more permanent basis

Love my job… been doing short term contracts. This is not entirely in my hands. My boss says she loves me and hopes to keep me – but it’s a trickle down effect as I am covering in someone else’s role who is covering someone else… who is hopefully going to be made permanent in the role she is in at the moment. It’s not THAT complicated, I assure you.

10. Shoot. I don’t have a number 10… it feels so uneven or unfinished somehow…. #10: Think of a number 10. πŸ˜‰



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