Cooking Sherry Shots

I know, that sounds disgusting. But my 7th grade self wouldn’t have known any better, at least not initially.

I told this story to a friend that knew me back then a couple of months ago while we were reminiscing about people we knew then. “Yup, that sounds like Nicole,” he said.

Nicole was a year ahead of me and to me she seemed so mature and cool. She was another American girl and we both attended St Philips College here in Alice Springs Australia.

I went over to her house one night to “help” her babysit her younger sibling… There really wasn’t much to do as the child was asleep the majority of the time anyway. So Nicole suggested we have a drink. She acted like she really knew her stuff when it came to alcohol, and I trusted that she did. She was a bit of a trouble maker – no doubt she would have had at least a bit more experience than me anyway.

She pulled a bottle of cooking sherry off of the top of the fridge and dug out some glasses. She instructed me on how one was “supposed” to do shots – which was in specifically the tequila shot fashion… Licking salt and sucking lime along with it.

She got it all prepared and we did it simultaneously.

I gagged immediately and ran to the sink to rinse off my tongue. My god was that nasty. She acted like it was no big deal… I thought I must just not be used to drinking like her. …Now I know that she really didn’t know shit and that is still fucking nasty regardless, haha.

I am not a big fan of tequila anyway, but it is definitely much better suited to salt and lime. I have never even touched cooking sherry again, not in 20 years… Not even for cooking. Thanks for that, Nicole.



  1. Oh dear! I think we’ve all had those friends who act the big man (or in this case, woman), but are in fact nothing more than a massive gobshite! Haha. I used to experiment with spirits with varying degrees of success ranging from awful to nigh on lethal. Hardly surprising then I never became a cocktail waiter!

    Great post and a great read πŸ™‚

    (Tried liking it, but for some reason the app on my phone won’t let me :-/ I’ll be sure to as soon as I get on my laptop)

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