My Style

The other day I saw a blog post where the blogger showed off her apartment decorating style… (see her post here) I thought her stuff was pretty awesome and realized how much I enjoy checking out people’s decor…. So I thought I would take some pictures myself and share some of my fave things around the house with you all… Possibly there are some of you that would also be interested in such.

It has had to evolve a little over time as after I got married, my husband rebelled against a lot of my style… which used to contain a lot more fairies and brighter colors… I’ve slowly introduced some of that back into the house over the years… Just not to the extent I used to surround myself with Haha.


These are images from my bedroom … I love the look of the retro fan… though I am paranoid about the kids chopping their fingers off or something (I knew a kid in primary school that had that happen to him… so… real fear.) On my dresser you’ll see a few Swedish stained glass items… those are new, haven’t found a place for them… and last but not least is our quilt. Isn’t it awesome? Hubby cut all the fabric, designed it, and then we had a friend sew it together… I love how unique it is.

These images are from my living room and entry area… Obviously I like Swedish stuff… Gnomes, Dala Horses etc etc … I also love nice and vintage books. Only other thing I’ll note is the Svensk Tiger painting – did that myself; copied after a WWII propoganda poster from Sweden. (It’s a play on words – it indicated one should keep a “Swedish Silence.” Basically their version of “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”)

From the kids’ rooms… My daughter collects dream catchers.

Dining/kitchen area… More Swedish stuffs… and tea pots. I love tea pots… Buuut the favorite view in my kitchen is this:


Haha, just kidding 😉

Anyway, this isn’t everything in my house that is probably worth showing… but there is a mess to deal with at the moment. Sooo… no. You don’t get to see that far into my home life, LOL… Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek regardless.

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