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“Well… Thanks for entering.”

Today was the Jiu Jitsu comp… I stayed the whole day which was from 10 am till about 5:45 pm as I was supposed to be the “first aid lady.” ….Luckily only one injury to speak of – as in one injury actually requiring special attention and a trip to the hospital (ended up being a torn tendon) as well as one illness, so it was good I stayed the whole day.

I did compete – in the women’s 70kg+ division. I… did not place. But I also didn’t go in expecting to win, so it’s all good. Though I joked that I was disappointed that I didn’t get chocolate like the kids that didn’t place in their divisions.

Ha, Coach said he’d give me some if that’s what I wanted… but honestly I know I don’t need it. Especially after I did eat big ole chocolate chip cookies with Erika afterwards:


I did find it very cute that Coach would squat down in front of the above mentioned children, have what looked like a little heart-to-heart chat with them, hand them some chocolate, and often a pat on the back as well.

All I got was a “Well… Thanks for entering.” Haha… Just kidding.

The ladies that placed in my division… Erika (#1) was an absolute beast and won all three of her fights!

I’d talk more about the specific fights, but … eh… I’m not in the mindset for that right now. Basically, I lost. LOL. Put in a good effort, but I haven’t been training enough the past couple of weeks… so… anyway.

My son had wanted to compete, but he broke his arm a week ago so he only came for the big group picture that Coach wanted to take… How cute is my itty bitty in his gi??


Aaaand… here, just a couple other good pictures… including the big group picture, which is almost everybody in the club 🙂

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