Heartbreak On Display

I have never heard of this museum… But it looks fascinating. We all have those things that remind us of exes – some mundane, some strange – at least in other’s views. What do you have or have gotten rid of that reminds you of an ex? Me? I still have that small glass jar of glitter to remind me of Wyatt (previously written about), and a CD that David gave me that I can’t seem to toss either. …and that’s all I think I have. Wow. WTF is wrong with me that I only have items that my abusers gave me? (To be fair, though, any other mementos I might have had did get lost in hurricane Katrina… Though I hadn’t kept mementos from all of them in the first place)

A Reflection on the Museum of Broken Relationships

When we part ways with someone, we’re left with more than a broken heart.

We’re left with objects – his oversized t-shirt we sleep in, her bobby pins we later find in the shower, ticket stubs from movies and athletic events, and photo booth strips from happier times – that most either retire to a box high in the closet or toss in the trash. These ordinary objects become relics of our romantic past.

Whether they’re seeking for the closure they never got, hoping to simply free up space, or wishing to have the final word, the donors of Hollywood’s Museum of Broken Relationships are ordinary people like you and me.

People who have had their hearts broken.

People who have fallen out of love.

People who have been cheated on, lied to, underappreciated, and even abused.

People who have been dumped in restaurants, over the…

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  1. For me, it is always music that brings back exes to my mind. Music I listened to with them making out in a car, or music I cried to getting over them or getting mad at them. There are many songs and even artists who I can’t hear without tearing up.


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