Party in the back

Earlier today I got into a conversation with Fattymccupcakes on her post about the hair style her mother made her wear that she strongly disliked…. In discussing hairstyles our mothers made us have as children, I explained to her that for awhile in the mid eighties my mother made me wear a very mullet-like hairstyle. I Hated it… HATED it. I remember asking my mother to do something different and she refused because… well… because I guess she liked it that way.

Eventually my mom cut my hair around shoulder length to avoid big thick-hair rats nests that would cause me grief. Around mid-elementary it got chopped off and became much easier to care ofr. I didn’t start really growing my hair out again until 6th or 7th grade.

Anyway, in this discussion with Ms Cupcakes, she said she absolutely must see mullet-hair-Rae… So here you go, some pictures of me with horrible mullet kid hair. To even out the embarrassment, I’m going to add some other pictures over the years from when I got to start choosing my own styles LOL.

Oh gosh, enough of that… Why couldn’t she have just let me keep this hair:


At least it was a little more normal LOL… Also it was not my hair upsetting me in this picture. I was perturbed about the having to go to a new school and wearing a uniform.

Alright, now for the less embarrassing hair pictures through the years:

Ahhhh… That’s better.


5 thoughts on “Party in the back”

  1. Aren’t the hairstyles our parents force upon us wonderful? And by wonderful I mean hilariously awful at times….my mom rarely brushed my hair when I was young, so my hair was constantly frizzing up in the most hideous of ways. Alas 🙂

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    1. unfortunately I am one of those moms that doesn’t brush my daughter’s hair much… lol I have been trying to teach her to take care of her own hair since she hates it when we brush it for her… buuuut… it’s a struggle lol. I’m sure she’ll love the pictures when she’s older 😉


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