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Come on, dude. WTF?

When I was 25, later in the year after shit went down with David and then Dane and they were gone – I had one of my good friends invite me over to meet her new boyfriend. I had told her I wasn’t feeling well (turns out I was pregnant with my first child, but didn’t yet know that.)

She insisted and said that we’d just hang out at her place and take it easy. She just really wanted me to meet her new guy. She was in the midst of a divorce – her husband had been a military man and a serial cheater. Finally it was falling apart and she had taken up with a new guy.

I agreed because it seemed so important to her that I meet him and apparently like him too.

Minutes after I arrived, another guy arrived too. Boyfriend introduced him to me and said something like he had REALLY wanted to meet me.

Umm… Ok? Like how would he even know he’d want to meet me?

This guy was in his 30s, wore a backwards baseball cap, and had baggy jeans with TuPac’s image printed on the left leg. Classic white guy trying to look gangsta… and much too old for that shit, in my mind. He was instantly flirtatious.

I was told he worked for a carpet cleaning service along with the boyfriend…. and had been doing it for several years.

I apologized, because I’m too polite I guess, and said that I wasn’t interested. I told him I was married.

Boyfriend seemed to have known that, but apparently assumed my husband was military and therefore open to be cheated on.

Come on, dude. WTF?

He asked me where my husband was.

“About two miles down the road… at home.”

“Oh!” He looked surprised…. But then said we could still party or go do something.

I don’t know if I audibly sighed… But I felt like one big sigh at that moment.

I told them I wasn’t interested in doing anything and that I wasn’t feeling well anyway.

I was so annoyed. I dunno if boyfriend assumed I’d want to cheat simply because he assumed I was a military wife as well or because friend had mentioned the David shit to him.

I didn’t say this to them because I have tact, but I was seriously thinking “What the Hell…” I know this is about to sound snobby, but I don’t know how else to phrase it… I thought if I was going to cheat again, I would want to be damn sure I was ready to throw everything else away. If that were to occur, I wouldn’t throw it away for a carpet cleaner.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect people that work in the service industry. You do what you gotta do… But my husband had a good job and ambition. Apparently, if I wanted to, I could get with Officers – why would I even think of stepping out with this man?

Besides which I had gotten myself so sick over doing my husband wrong earlier that year anyway. I was not about to even attempt to do that to him again – regardless of the stature of man that might propose anything illicit to me.

As I walked out the door, my friend came and hugged me and said she was sorry – she hadn’t been aware that her boyfriend was going to do that.

Later, when they got more serious, I couldn’t abide by them being together. She thought it was because I objected to her divorce or something. No… It wasn’t that. I wouldn’t begrudge her leaving a man that cheated on her so much and brought repeated STDs home… I objected because I thought she could do so much better. I guess when a girl is in love, her friends opinions don’t matter as much.

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