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Emotional Response

Last night I submitted a post to be a guest writer on another blog, and in the meantime I wanted some feedback while I wait for it to be published. I suppose that it’s a bit backward and I should have looked for feedback before submitting it, but oh well.

I was telling Maja about it on the phone last night, so I pulled up the document and read it aloud to her.

It apparently invoked an emotional response as she said it made her heart hurt. I suppose that’s the best an author could hope for – to have their writing invoke emotional response I mean… Not necessarily to make people’s hearts hurt or cause tears, but to make them feel something.

So I took that as a good sign and then had to sit on my hands because I was tempted to just post it because I am an impatient person when it comes to such things… But that wouldn’t be right when I wrote it specifically for another site… So I’ll be patient and reblog once it’s up.

Speaking of writing invoking emotional responses – Justin’s words on Facebook last night made me cry… with laughter. My goodness fave dude makes me laugh so much…

He posted about literally standing in the middle of his gym locker room and none of the so-called normal men in there were talking about groping women’s genitals against their will.

I responded that I loved him. That post in itself made me laugh.

But his response to me was far more amusing.

Though he appreciated the sentiment, he wanted to point out the irony that a girl, an ex-girlfriend no less, made such a comment to him when he is married and criticizing the Donald’s fidelity. If he were running for president he would surely have to answer to this at the next debate, he asserted.

I told him I would shoulder the blame in the media should that day ever come, Haha.

His wife chimed in that she did understand because she knows he is loveable. I responded to her that regardless, she can rest assured that it is more of a “love ya bro” sentiment nowadays.

And on that note, Justin declared his candidacy for 2024.

I made a public assertion on my page that should he run for office, it should be noted that an inappropriate behaviour or commentary on his social media is entirely of my own doing and that he had no control over it. Furthermore, he is an upstanding citizen who never groped women against their will nor participated in locker room banter… Hahaha

That effort may have been thwarted, however; because another friend of his had commented on his thread that perhaps these men were waiting for him to initiate. Perhaps Justin was the alpha male, “The Donald” if you will.

He said that he had thought of that, so he tried to initiate but that he got Trump’s words mixed up and ended up kissing some guy and when he backed away, Justin asserted that it was what normal men do –  it was all very awkward.

Hahahaaaa. *phew* I needed that laugh to be honest… Thanks Justin… Love ya bro 😛



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