Seed of Embarrassment

I contributed a post to the site “When I Thought I Was Fat” -check it out!

I am happy to introduce my first contribution from the writer of the blog I will not live in vain.

This story comes from the perspective of a woman who was admired for her thinness and when she began to change she began to doubt her self worth and attractiveness. Through my experiences I understand how the attention of men correlates with your self-worth. I believe that certain types of men notice this is in a woman and take advantage of it. There are two that I personally came across that fed off my low self-esteem and I’d be more than happy to share those stories at another time. It wouldn’t be until I met my boyfriend that I snapped out of that delusion. A man that makes you feel less is not a man worth having around and a man that builds you up is one you’ll never…

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