Sad but Hopeful Days

I just wanted to hop on here really quick and update everyone – I may be off of wordpress for a little while – or at least be posting more inconsistently. I’m having a bit of an upheaval in my life at the moment.

Overall, this year has been an awesome one… My husband had been promoted, I got a job I ended up adoring… my team and manager are awesome and I make more money, even working less hours, than I had at the hospital. I was also super stoked that in February my son was going to start school and I would no longer have to pay nearly $1400 a month in childcare fees. I was stoked for the saving money potential over the next two years (which is how long we planned to remain in Australia.) My daughter was enjoying school (going to a really good school), both kids loving their friends. Kids enjoying their activities… My daughter just took her Girl Guide Promise a few days ago… Son loving BJJ. I found a gym I love and am so comfortable at and started my own BJJ and Kickboxing. All around a good year.We had also planned to take the kids to Hawaii and Disney World this December… But now we’ve had to cancel that on them.

We are urgently having to move back to the USA – we just found out this past weekend and we will be packed out of our house in two weeks time.

I’m sure I don’t need to say it – but this sucks major balls.

I’m just hoping we’ll only be there for a matter of months before we can move back on to better arrangements. My husband is currently applying to other positions he is qualified for… I know he applied to Norway (that would be my ideal), and other posts in Europe. Crossing fingers one of those works out. We had just planned on traveling with them more and giving them that broader range of experiences while they are young. We planned to return to the US eventually… just not nearly this soon.

He’s applying for other US locations too, but Europe is a preference. Norway is the ideal. I would love to live back in Scandinavia… and be that close to Svea and Maja again.

We were planning to visit them next year anyway (which we can’t do if we don’t have good established jobs again)… but it would be soooooo much cheaper and easier (and have more frequent ability) if we lived that close.

I am very upset about having to leave Australia. My whole life Australia had been my favourite place to live until we moved to Sweden and that took top billing. If we happen to get to go to Norway (I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high) that would make this whole ordeal worth it for me.

Here’s hoping… Help us out by crossing your fingers, praying, sending good vibes… all that kind of stuff… Whatever works for you.

Here’s hoping there’s something better out there for us and that this is all happening for a reason.


4 thoughts on “Sad but Hopeful Days”

  1. Something I always thinking about when I am able to let my head calm down is my dad saying “Everything going to be ok, don’t worry, everything will be ok.” It seems simple, but there’s something about hearing it when I start to stress or panic that makes me feel better. So…

    Everything will be ok. 🙂

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