Fuck, man (or “my feelings taste like donuts”)

…All around “fuck!”

I’m feeling much better about the Wyatt issue from the past two posts… buuut…

I’ve got two things to bitch about and then I promise, off of the downer posts again for a little while. 

First, ok, get this: when I saw Wyatt has two facebook accounts the other day, I noticed we have a mutual friend. When I got back in touch with her years ago she said they weren’t in contact and hadn’t been in a long time, though she was aware he was on facebook. Now they are. This is the same girl that was BFFs with him back in the day and for loyalty to him did not let me know he had been cheating on me any of the times he did it. 

I post a lot of my blog posts on facebook… blocking out certain groups, but I don’t block her.

Now I am petrified that she may have passed along information about this blog to him and the fact I clearly write about him (though his name is changed, she would easily recognise him.)

Goddamit! I mean… FUCK!

Second, I have been eating like crap the past two weeks like “Oh, hello feelings… you taste delicious.”

In case you’re wondering: my feelings taste like donuts and Vanilla Coke.

It’s caught up to me and I feel like shit now. After packout this week I will be sure to get down to kickboxing and BJJ and for the love of Christ stop eating pastries and candy corn.

On that note… I promise profusely again to give you happy thoughts tomorrow LOL 



  1. You say Wyatt and all I can think of is this…

    I hope the link comes up as the image. If not I’m going to be a little bit annoyed for around five seconds then carry on drinking my coffee.

    Anyway, I know it’s easy for a neutral to say, but fuck letting this hoofwanking bunglecunt remain in your head. Ain’t even worth the space he occupies in your mind. Dropkick him out of it! And dropkick his little mate too. If they are reading your blogs then they’ll read this comment too.

    So guys, here’s my advice. Stop stalking her or I might just have to set fire to you. Do you want that? Do you want to be on fire? No? Sling your fucking hook then!

    That told them!

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