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A McDonalds, y’all!

You’d think when I moved here to Alice Springs 3 1/2 years ago a lot would have changed in the previous 20ish years, but when I came back it was virtually the same… A lot of the noticeable changes for me have happened since being back.

Now, as I have one foot out of town, I’ve just been notified of one more big change to my childhood memories…

They are relocating the Bus Interchange to the next road over (the road where my childhood house was located) and making it not accessible for pedestrians. This is the same interchange that Sean Morrison and I would argue at. The same interchange next to the same Food Mart I would buy my lollies at after school.

When I came back to town the only major differences I noted were that a) there were a bunch more roundabouts (there used to only be the one big one on the airport side of town) and b) that the Town Pool had taken away the in-ground trampolines, replaced it with a baby pool,  and built a fancy new indoor aquatic centre – though the main Olympic sized pool and outdoor kids pool I learned to swim in were the same. Oh, and the museum in the upper floors of the plaza was replaced to be Government offices. Oh! and Oh! There were more fast food services – a McDONALDS there’s a McDonalds y’all… haha. Used to only have the Hungry Jacks – which is the Australian subsidy of Burger King – which is still exactly where I left it… At the bottom of Anzac Hill and just at the end of the road from my old school St Philips.

Alice Springs High School was replaced by CSC Middle School – I thought I was going crazy remembering the school name at first. But I had confirmation later that I did in fact have friends go to an “Alice Springs High School.” LOL

There were of course other what I’d consider minor changes due to businesses changing or moving and the town getting built up a little more… But as far as 7th grade Rae was concerned…

What I just realized is kinda weird is that the Plaza used to be where my mum would buy groceries, but there was no grocery store there when I came back… but they have literally just opened a new one in the plaza last month.

Since being back the squash centre finally got a new paint job – different images and colours adorn the brick after 20 – odd years. Several decades old businesses I remembered – like the Dymocks Booksellers – went out of business. The Wendys in the Plaza went out of business – though their cheese dogs didn’t live up to my memories of them, so that was no skin off of my nose HAHA.

Ah! and the rock wallaby place got closed off… At least I got to take my kids there a couple times before they did that so now I have pictures of myself as a kid as well as pictures of them feeding the wallabies.

Used to be that there was a motel up against a rock face where rock wallabies lived. They would sell food pellets and the wallabies were wild, but used to humans and would eat the pellets out of your hand. Since coming back, however; the motel went out of business and the buildings were converted to apartments or something – I understand they fenced it off as well? – but you can’t rock up there anymore to see and feed the wallabies.

Some things that are still exactly the same, besides Hungry Jacks, is that Oriental Gourmet and Outlanders Steakhouse are still as I left them. The Araluen Arts Centre is much the same, though the park next to it has grown as far as playground equipment goes and there is a new café on the other side.

The youth centre still looks much the same – though they ALMOST shut it down a couple years ago… Which would have been a shame as that’s where my PE class had to go for Square Dancing in 7th grade, LOL (No, don’t imagine me Square Dancing, please. Also, please, no need to imagine me as a giggly 7th grader wishing to get the chance to dance with that hottie Luke Van Haren.)

The Todd Mall (open air pedestrian shopping area) looks much the same – though I am sure many of the businesses have changed. After all, many of the decades old businesses that went out of business the last couple of years have been from there.

A handful of friends/friend’s families are still in the area or left and then returned before I arrived.

The Telegraph Station is very much the same as well and I understand that primary kids still go there to camp and live history like I did in 5th grade. I found out recently that I missed a camp in 7th grade after I moved – not sure if it was there or elsewhere, but … Apparently Luke Van Haren went off in the middle of the night with another girl to mess around. Apparently it was *the* scandal at the time, and I don’t need to tell you I am very much put out that it wasn’t me.


Now I feel like Luke Van Haren might need his own blog post… LOL

Oh well, anyway, there’s no real point to this post… But I guess that change is bound to happen. I was just thinking about it all and thought it was just …kinda weird that, as far as I was concerned, the main changes didn’t happen until I came back and got to have some sense of nostalgia after 20 years first.



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